Smart Datasets for Smarter Labour Market Decisions

Unparalleled Labour Market Insights, integrated into your platform or business intelligence tool, quickly and simply.

Smart Datasets

What are Lightcast Smart Datasets?

As a global leader in Labour Market Analytics, our aim is to offer you easy access to critical insights on jobs and skills in your region of interest. Our Smart Datasets are designed to do this, enabling you to access quality data, quickly and simply, which can be piped into your existing platform or integrated into business intelligence tools to create amazing dashboards that can be shared with other stakeholders inside or outside your organisation.

What do Smart Datasets give you?

Lightcast Smart Datasets give you accesss to granular labour market data for your region of interest, which can help answer the following sorts of questions:

job architecture

✓ What are the top occupations in our location?

✓ Which jobs are growing the most?

✓ What is the median salary for specific jobs?

Skills of the Future

✓ Which skills are currently in-demand?

✓ Which skills are growing or declining?

✓ What skills are required for specific jobs?

icon of a globe

✓ How does job demand differ by region?

✓ How does skills demand vary between areas?

✓ How do local salaries compare with other areas?

Case Study: Glasgow Caledonian University

Creating PowerBI Dashboards

Glasgow Caledonian University wanted to implement a data-driven approach to their portfolio development, which could be shared across the university's departments. Find out how they used Lightcast Smart Datasets to create shareable PowerBI dashboards, each of which offers data on occupation trends, top employers, salary information, job growth and job skills.

Glasgow Caledonian University

What data do you get?

We currently offer Smart Datasets using Australian, European or UK data. Check out the chart to see what data we can give you for each.

Smart Data Comparison

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