Lightcast Data API

Full access, endless flexibility.

Get direct access to the robust datasets powering our software solutions. With the Lightcast API, you have the freedom to create custom data displays and applications for your organization.
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Pipe data directly to your site

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Help students make informed decisions by adding data to your school's program pages.
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Attract and retain businesses by displaying your region's strengths and labor availability
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Integrate Lightcast into your hiring system and strategy so that you find the right talent, faster.
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"Lightcast data has totally changed my world."

Julie Gacnick,

Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Enrollment Management & Academic Marketing

Creighton University

Why Lightcast API?

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Same data, more freedom

Mix and match data sources to build custom dashboards.

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Always up to date

Your application will automatically display our latest data.

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Seamless integration

Maintain your brand identity while harnessing the power of Lightcast's robust datasets

What data do you get?

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Analyze your region's top industries and how they relate to the broader labor market.

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Earnings, historical occupation demographics, and projected employment and openings.

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30,000 real-world skills and competencies gathered from job postings, resumes, and professional profiles.

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Estimate salary ranges by region, skills, and experience.

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Graduates by institution, program, and education level.

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Age, gender, ethnicity, and educational attainment for the population.

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Staffing Patterns

Historical and projected employment, by occupation and industry.

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Holland Code-based assessment traits and question sets, will score and store completed assessments.

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Job Postings

See real-time trends related to what skills employers in your region are looking for in new hires.

“That’s one of the things that makes working with [Lightcast] so much fun: You know you’re getting meaningful data.” 

John Whitaker,

SVP & Chief People Officer

Sage Dental

Who uses Lightcast API?

Our API is ideal for those who want to integrate our data directly into their existing platform, application, or website. Users who successfully leverage our API typically have someone on their team who is familiar with JSON and HTTP.


We build thorough documentation for Lightcast APIs so that your developers can dive straight into integrations with tutorials and code samples.

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Ready to get started?

Reach out to a member of our team to discuss how Lightcast data could be integrated at your organization.