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Our team of experts uses world-class labor market data to answer challenging questions about your community, industry, and workforce.

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Our Consulting Process

Providing the data and insights you need to prepare a future-ready workforce.



Work directly with our consultants to identify your community’s needs & current challenges.



We analyze the data, assess your community, uncover insights, and identify best practices.



We provide an actionable custom study to help your community achieve its goals.
Talent Strategy

The People in the Local Market

Our research helps communities ensure they have a thriving economy and a vibrant talent pipeline.

CheckmarkUnderstand and develop local talent
CheckmarkAttract talent using new strategies
CheckmarkAlign economic & workforce development programs
Skills Analysis

The Language of the Labor Market

Our research is focused on removing obstacles and opening up pathways to help people access new opportunities.

CheckmarkIdentify in-demand career areas
CheckmarkProvide insights into projected skills needs
CheckmarkReveal regional workforce equity gaps
CheckmarkOutline detailed career pathways through upskilling & reskilling initiatives
Sector Strategy

The Knowledge of Local Industries

Our research provides granular detail of local industries and the talent that drives these key sectors.

CheckmarkAssess talent gaps, causes, and potential solutions
CheckmarkGain tangible strategies to improve resiliency
CheckmarkInsights to support job growth and capital investment
Sector Strategy
Economic Impact Study

The Value of Programs & Projects

Our research provides an objective analysis of any program or investment.

CheckmarkDemonstrate the objective ROI of programs and investments
CheckmarkResponsive to specific federal workforce programs such as WIOA
CheckmarkAlign economic impacts with strategies
CheckmarkUnderstand the impacts of industry & capital investment, job creation, and wages
Economic Impact Study
Talent Migration Dashboard

Attracting & Retaining Talent

Illuminates migration dynamics by synthesizing a multitude of migration data sources.

CheckmarkDemonstrates net migration, retention, attrition, and attraction trends
CheckmarkHighlights migration by demographic, occupation, and education
CheckmarkShows which markets take talent away from and which markets provide talent
CheckmarkMigration intelligence enables strategic action for targeted talent attraction and retention campaigns
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Need more options?

If you have a specific question about your community’s workforce, industries, and economy, we are happy to find a solution that meets your needs.

Meet the Consulting Team

Dustin Lester

Vice President of Consulting

Matthew Walsh

Director of Research

Ashley Peterson

Senior Consultant

Collin Perciballi

Senior Consultant

Susan Koehn

Senior Consultant

Joma Neyman

Research Analyst

Hunter Hill

Research Analyst

Jade Rohloff

Research Analyst

Chris Compton

Research Analyst

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