Custom Career Portals

Illuminate and promote industries and careers that excite & inform prospective talent.


Enabling a more efficient and replicable structure to…

Attract New Talent

Draw jobseekers, students, and career changers to your industry.

Seedling Growth
Foster Advancement

Showcase existing jobs and their pathways to advancement.

Pin Location
Show Regional Opportunities

Customize to the geography you want to highlight in order to attract the most jobseekers.

Key Occupations

Guide jobseekers towards meaningful opportunities

Occupational details, including related detail drawn from Lightcast Taxonomy, ensure that jobseekers understand what it takes to pursue a career in your industry.

CheckmarkRegional Competition
CheckmarkWage levels
CheckmarkEducation/experience requirements
Detailed Job Descriptions
Place-Based Data

Expand your potential talent pool

Opportunity heat maps showcase where jobs are located and assist jobseekers in finding in-demand career development opportunities nationwide. 

CheckmarkDemand across states and MSAs
CheckmarkDistribution across industries
CheckmarkMajor employers
CheckmarkCollege/university completions
CheckmarkSkill demand
Regional Talent Overview Map
Career Pathways

Inspire jobseekers by showcasing career trajectory

Display immediate job opportunities as well as how individuals can progress into more advanced and lucrative roles to demonstrate your investment in your employees’ talent.

CheckmarkMapping advancement and lateral pathways within the sector
CheckmarkWage differentials
CheckmarkSkills overlap/gaps
CheckmarkCredential barriers
Career Pathways

Spotlighting our amazing partners

Developed in partnership with Comptia and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, demystifies cybersecurity jobs, skills, and wages by showing what kinds of opportunities exist across the US market.

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Finance and Accountant

They have helped reveal the wider range of work available in the corporate finance and accounting sectors by enabling the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) to reach aspiring workers and engage them in professional development.

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Learn how real-time data can connect your association to more workers.