A personalized skills-based hiring tool

Start with a jobseeker’s interests, lay out their skills, and connect them to your local career opportunities


Unleash Your Community’s Potential

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Solving Labor Shortages

Lots of communities are struggling with a shrinking talent pool and businesses are trying to mitigate this issue with increases in labor market efficiency.

SkillFit connects people, employers, and educators the effective way: we analyze a jobseekers skills and connect their skills to local jobs and careers that fit those skills.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

SkillFit removes any biases in hiring by ensuring that a person's most valuable asset, their skills, are first and foremost in a potential employer's eyes.

With the opportunities for skill acquisition and career advancement, jobseekers of any background are able to find the best fit for them.

Transforming Communities

A custom job board built by us for you

You will no longer have to spend the time and resources creating your own job board since your local jobs are already in the tool.

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Simplifying the Talent Search

Unlock the power of finding your ideal candidate locally - with SkillFit you can effortlessly search and match jobseekers by skill to fill your open positions.


Leveling up talent through local training

Match them to online and local educational opportunities that upskill them (quickly) and help place them in their ideal career right next door.


SkillFit is designed to make your job easier by giving jobseekers a platform that they love.

SkillFit has helped communities & organizations bring prosperity to their region.

Let's discuss how SkillFit can help you serve local businesses and bring fulfilling careers to your jobseekers.

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