Personalizing a jobseeker's path to an in-demand career

All based on Skills
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on the individual

SkillFit personalizes the journey to an in-demand local job, a sustainable career, or the necessary training to get there

Jobseeker profiles based on skills

SkillFit uncovers skills acquired through life and work experiences, which are surfaced quickly from assessments, resumes, or online profiles


Training to fill skill gaps

Jobseekers identify not only the skills they have, but the skills they want to learn. SkillFit recommends training programs for upskilling and reskilling opportunities

Local job matching

SkillFit takes a jobseeker’s skill profile and provides a score to local job postings

local job matching

Skills-based career exploration

SkillFit will combine the skills someone has—along with their career interests—and provide information to help them make informed career decisions

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Supporting workforce innovation

Jobseekers are unsure and fearful of what lies ahead. At the same time, businesses can’t find the workers they need. SkillFit gives organizations an innovative skills-based tool to connect them.

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Better guide jobseekers to in-demand jobs and relevant skill training for today’s economy.

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Recommend local training programs based on the skills jobseekers have and what employers need.

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Manage the jobseeker’s progress with administrator access and downloadable data for easy career services case management.

See SkillFit in action!

Telling you about SkillFit is one thing. Seeing how it can help you serve jobseekers and local businesses is another.