A personalized skills-based hiring tool

Start with a jobseeker’s interests, lay out their skills, and connect them to your local career opportunities


Unleash Your Community’s Potential

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Solving Labor Shortages

Lots of communities are struggling with a shrinking talent pool and businesses are trying to mitigate this issue with increases in labor market efficiency.

SkillFit connects people, employers, and educators the effective way: we analyze a jobseekers skills and connect their skills to local jobs and careers that fit those skills.

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

SkillFit removes any biases in hiring by ensuring that a person's most valuable asset, their skills, are first and foremost in a potential employer's eyes.

With the opportunities for skill acquisition and career advancement, jobseekers of any background are able to find the best fit for them.

A Custom Job Board Built By Us For You

CheckmarkStreamlined Efficiency — Save time and resources with a meticulously crafted job board tailored to your needs.
CheckmarkInstant Accessibility — Gain immediate access to a comprehensive database of local job opportunities.
CheckmarkTailored Precision — Get industry-specific, location-based job listings perfectly aligned with your preferences.
CheckmarkEffortless Management — Keep listings current without manual updates, allowing you to focus on other priorities.
CheckmarkEnhanced Resource Allocation — Redirect resources to critical business areas while offering a superior user experience.
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Simplifying The Talent Search

CheckmarkPrecision Matching — SkillFit matches job requirements with exact skills, ending resume sifting.
CheckmarkLocal Talent — Tap into local candidates for faster hiring and community impact.
CheckmarkTime-Saving Interface — Quickly spot top candidates with SkillFit's streamlined approach.
CheckmarkSkill-Centric — SkillFit's focus on compatibility ensures expertise match.
CheckmarkLower Turnover — SkillFit reduces turnover by aligning skills and boosting job satisfaction.

Leveling Up Talent Through Local Training

CheckmarkPersonalized Learning — SkillFit offers tailored paths for career growth.
CheckmarkSwift Upskilling — Quickly enhance skills with curated online and local options.
CheckmarkCareer Alignment — Connect local talent to fitting educational paths with SkillFit.
CheckmarkEmpowering Communities — SkillFit strengthens local economies and businesses.

SkillFit is designed to make your job easier by giving jobseekers a platform that they love.

Case Study

Beyond a Job Board

Learn how the Baton Rouge Area Chamber built BR Works with Skillfit to connect people and employers through skills.

Factory Manager BR Works BRAC

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