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Find the right schools for your recruitment strategy.

Comprehensive data for strategic college recruiting
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Wouldn’t it be nice to know you’re recruiting at the wrong school… before you got there?

Instead of being driven by emotional ties, gut feelings, and anecdotal evidence?

Save time and money. Go straight to the colleges producing the talent you need.

The right plan is everything! Determine which schools to target—and which to avoid, including schools you may have assumed to be prime targets.


the right schools


your strategy


your market penetration

With College Analyst you can...

CheckmarkMake better decisions on where and how to recruit
CheckmarkAvoid wasting time and losing talent to your competitors
CheckmarkSave time and money as you target the right schools
CheckmarkBuild a competitive pipeline of talent
CheckmarkBoost everyone's confidence in your college recruiting strategy
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Guide your institution in the right direction

Where should you recruit?

Which schools have the most diverse graduates?

Where should you not recruit?

What is the avaliable pool of talent you might be able to hire at X school?

Where do students at X school come from, so where are they likely to return home to?

Which schools are growing/declining in the graduates you need?

With College Analyst you can...

CheckmarkSchools producing graduates for the majors you need
CheckmarkRegional completions for any program
CheckmarkSchool with the most graduates in any program
CheckmarkWhere your competitors are recruiting
CheckmarkWhether your students are more likely to leave the region after graduation, based on their home state
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Put the power of diversity to work

How much should your organization pay? If you’re requiring an elite skill but are pitching a lower salary than other employers, you might want to increase your offer.

"We make better decisions on where and how we recruit, we have more robust dialogues around our recruiting strategy, and—perhaps most importantly—we measure our effectiveness. [Lightcast] data has truly changed the game for GE university recruiting."

Global Head of University Relations


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