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Does your global talent strategy rely on data you can trust?

Lightcast solutions can solve problems almost anywhere you can imagine. Our database has information on over 150 countries for reference and consulting, while our global software products come ready with data on 28.

Countries use all kinds of different names and definitions to understand their own labor markets, so we solve this disparity by using our own taxonomy that unifies titles between countries and helps everyone speak the same language. 

Having this broad view helps you compare markets across borders, determine where your company might expand, and understand the local skills landscape all over the world. 

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The first step in a successful talent strategy:

Transparent, realistic, defensible data.

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We explain our methodology to show how we derive our numbers.

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It’s better to underestimate than over-estimate

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We train you on how to explain the data’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Lightcast Methodology

Finding a way to speak the same language

The result: the best possible high-level view of the global talent market

Government Data

We collect government data on all available occupations and populations, country by country. We bring this data up to date, enhance the granularity, and supplement it with our own sources to create one comprehensive dataset.

Profile Data

We gather public online profiles from a wide variety of partners and vendors. This includes résumés uploaded or submitted to employers or job boards as well as information from online social platforms.

Build a global talent strategy on data you can trust

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