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Skills Navigator

The Trusted Standard in Skills

Ready to harness the power of skills? Lightcast will help transform your business into a thriving skills-based organization.  


The facts are clear: Skills-based organizations are more resilient in the face of change and report positive business outcomes.

The World Economic Forum estimates we will need to reskill more than one billion people by 2030. Deloitte reports skills-based organizations are:


more likely to place talent effectively


more likely to have a reputation as a great place to grow and develop


more likely to retain high performers

Skills are the currency that drives progress. 

From today’s workforce to tomorrow’s skillforce, Lightcast will help you transform into a powerful and agile skills-based organization.

Align on Skills-Based Maturity Model

Lightcast reviews your current state and provides detailed guidance and structure on how to prioritize and connect your skills strategy to business needs. 

Lightcast then develops a roadmap on how to get started or advance current skills efforts.


Establish or Update Your Skills Foundation

Creating a skills taxonomy and implementing that framework within your HR Tech stack can seem daunting. But Lightcast has you covered. 

Skills Navigator brings a common language to your disparate skill taxonomies. It will also map skills to your job/role architecture and establish a governance structure. With Lightcast, you’ll have much more visibility into the skills your people have and the skills you still need.


Prioritize and Plan for Specific Skills-Based Use Cases

Understanding where skills solutions can deliver the biggest impact is critical. Lightcast will help you identify the most impactful use cases including: 

    Understanding current and future skills needs

    Benchmarking to competitors

    Strategic workforce and skills planning

    Job mapping

    Talent retention strategies 

    …and more

With Skills Navigator, you’ll get quick insights to make informed decisions on where to make the biggest impact with your skills strategy.


Why Lightcast?

We’re the Leader in Skills

Becoming a skills-based organization can be daunting. It requires a partner with deep expertise who can ensure your success every step of the way. 

As the largest provider of labor market data and talent intelligence, Lightcast provides the most in-depth visibility into the supply and demand of skills to help organizations make better talent decisions and forecast future skills needs with utmost confidence. 

We’re 100% Vendor Agnostic

Lightcast is completely vendor agnostic. Regardless of what your tech stack looks like, we’re more than happy to plug in and help you maximize the value of your existing data with ours. 

Why is this important? Because we don’t base any of our data or insights on any specific tool. Our data and talent intelligence is completely vendor neutral, easily accessible and 100% unbiased. 

“Lightcast is the Switzerland of the skills market.”

Josh Bersin

Talent, Learning, and HR Technology Leader

We Enhance Your Data Via a Common Skills Language 

Most organizations only have insight into their own company data when it comes to skills—they have no reference to external data, industry trends or supply and demand information. Lightcast helps to make sense of your internal data and connect it to our open taxonomy so you can see external insights layered on top of your own internal data. 

Lightcast will connect you to a world of data that will normalize and elevate your existing skills data to give you a common skills language.  

Our Data. Delivered Your Way.

Regardless of where you are in your skills journey, Lightcast offers the ultimate flexibility in how we deliver the data and intelligence you need.

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Our custom built APIs allow companies to tap into existing systems to add a deeper level of skills intelligence with trusted, third-party validated data. 

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World-Class Software

Our enterprise SaaS solutions allow companies to tap into the world’s largest repository of labor market data, run instant reports, and quickly inform your skills strategies. 

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Our team of seasoned consultants is always on hand to embark on a custom project and hand-deliver you the insights and intelligence needed to make the right talent decisions.

Ready to harness the power of skills?

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