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Shape the Future of Your Organization with a Skills-Driven Approach

Unlock Your Internal People Data with the Global Standard in Skills

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“Companies need systems that continuously identify, organize, and arrange the skills that drive success, so that they can develop the skills of the future.”

- Josh Bersin, Talent, Learning, and HR Technology Leader

A 360 degree view of the talent intelligence you need to support your skills-based journey.


Input and Normalize

Upload your internal job titles and descriptions via import, HRIS/HCM integration, or API. Pick your preferred Lightcast title and occupation to connect your internal role data to the language of the external workforce.

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Analyze and Refine

Access market-driven industry and company skill recommendations to give your team the clearest lens for real-time role analysis.

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Enhance and Connect

Seamlessly access a centralized view of your enhanced roles that are constantly updated with real-time market insights, so you can easily collaborate with your team.

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Get a Free Customized Skills Report

Kick-start your skills-based journey today with a free skills report.

With Talent Transform:

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Inform Talent Strategies

Optimize your job postings and identify where you can reskill or upskill your own existing talent instead of making new hires.

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Develop and Retain Employees

Determine crucial skills for any given role to develop career pathways and growth opportunities for your employees so you don’t lose them to the competition.

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Benchmark Your Roles

Compare the skills and titles in your job descriptions to the skills and titles across any competitor, region, or industry to give your team the full picture.

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Support Role and Workforce Planning

Easily and accurately measure your organization’s skill gaps so you can fill them, and create benchmarks to see how you compare to your competitors.

“Pairing Workday with Lightcast's global external data and market-driven skills recommendations provides enhanced visibility into the skills our employees need to progress in their careers. With this robust talent intelligence data, we’re more confident and clear in our skills strategy.”

Susie Long,

Senior Vice President for Talent Acquisition, Management, Leadership Development, Engagement, and Culture