A Powerful New Self-Service Platform for Understanding Fast-Changing Regional, National & Global Labour Markets.

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What is Spotlight?

We've been providing labour market data in intuitive tools to organisations like yours for more than two decades. But as we listened to our customers, we kept hearing the same feedback: the data is amazing, but if only we could create our own dashboards, compare data across countries, and easily share the data with our stakeholders.

So we built a tool that allows you to create your own dashboards, compare labour market data across countries, and easily share the results with your internal and external stakeholders. And we called it Spotlight.

What does Spotlight give you?

If you're anything like our hundreds of customers across the globe, what you need from a labour market data tool is great data giving compelling insights in a tool so simple and intuitive that anyone in your organisation could potentially use it. Spotlight contains the most holistic, granular, and reliable source of labour market analytics you'll find anywhere in the world, in a plafrorm that enables even the least data-savvy user to extract key insights relating to industries, occupations, employers, and skills.

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The Data

Some labour market tools just contain data from official sources. Others contain only big data job postings. Spotlight gives you both, combining official government labour market statistics from countries across the globe, with world-leading proprietary data derived from millions of online job postings, which are updated every month.

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The Insights

Maybe you want insights on general labour market trends. Or maybe data on demand in specific industries, jobs and employers. Or perhaps you want to dive into the building blocks of labour markets - skills. Whatever aspects of the labour market you want to look at, whether your focus is international, national, or local, Spotlight has it.

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The Platform

The rationale behind Spotlight was to offer a tool that puts users firmly in the driving seat, enabling them to build custom dashboards, with the geographies, parameters and metrics they are interested in, and to be able to easily share these reports. So why not book a demo now, and let us show you what it does and how it can help.

Watch a short demo of Spotlight in action.

<p>Watch a short demo of Spotlight in action.</p> video

"It’s astounding what Lightcast does. They source information from 18 billion government data points, over three billion historic job postings, more than 300 million employee profiles, and almost 10 million company profiles. They clean this data up, aggregate it, and most importantly match it to a public skills taxonomy they maintain that shows the dynamic relationship between skills and jobs. Lightcast data is not only validated and cleaned up, it’s also correlated with real jobs in real cities with real wages."

Josh Bersin,


The Josh Bersin Company

What sort of questions can Spotlight help you answer?

Whatever questions you have about demand trends in a particular labour market, we're confident that the insights you can get from Spotlight will help you find the answers you are looking for. By leveraging both official statistics and job postings, and combining this with globally recognised official taxonomies and our own occupation and skills taxonomies, we can help you answer the following sorts of questions - plus much, much more:

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✓ How is the labour market trending in the region?

✓ Which occupations and sectors are driving demand?

✓ Which companies are driving hiring demand?

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✓ What are for focal industries in the selected region?

✓ Which sectors are seeing the highest growth?

✓ Which skills are in-demand in each sector?

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✓ What are the top occupations in the region?

✓ Which jobs are growing or declining in demand?

✓ How are wages trending for specific occupations?

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✓ How is demand trending for specific employers?

✓ Which jobs are particular employers looking for?

✓ Which other regions are these employers active in?

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✓ What are the top skills and which ones are emerging?

✓ Which skills are specific employers looking for?

✓ What regional differences are there in skills demand?

Fill in your details, and we'll be in contact shortly to set up a demo where we'll delve into Spotlight for your region of interest.