A New Data-Driven Approach to Recruiting International Students

Competition to attract international students is greater than ever, necessitating a more targeted approach to marketing your courses.

A Global Challenge Requiring Global Insights.

Successfully recruiting international students to your in-person and online provision is crucial, but knowing where to market your courses to give you the best potential returns on investment is hard. Through our global labour market data, we can help you develop a more methodical, data-driven approach to the marketing of your courses, by enabling you to understand which markets most need the skills you teach, so giving you the best opportunities for success.

How Can Our Data Solve Your Challenges?

With Labour Market Insights and Employer Demand Data covering multiple countries, along with nearly 250 million Global Workforce Profiles, you can use our data to achieve the following:

Evaluate Potential Markets

understand which areas and which markets across the globe have the highest concentration of skills that closely align with the skills being taught in your courses.

Identify Key Employers

Establish who are the major employers in these markets in order to build partnership and work together to give your graduates the best opportunities to gain relevant employment.

Target your Marketing

using this knowledge of the markets and employers that have the most need for the skills you teach, target your marketing to those areas which give you the best chance of success.

How can we

Help You?

As a trusted partner of hundreds of universities across the globe, we understand how difficult it is to identify which markets are likely to give you the best return on investment when promoting your courses to prospective international students.

By using our global workforce profiles and employer demand data, institutions are able to understand where the skills they teach in their courses are most prevalent, which they then use to provide a solid evidence-base for a highly targeted approach to marketing their courses overseas. Click the button below to see for yourself.

How is Our Data Delivered to You?

Our data is delivered via an easy-to-use and highly intuitive Global software platform, which uses Job Posting Analytics and Global Profiles to enable you to establish both demand and supply for jobs and skills relating to your courses in regions of interest to you. Crucially, the tool allows you compare results with other locations across the globe, therefore helping you see which markets have the most potential demand for your courses.

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By working with us

you will have...

Confidence that your marketing targets the right places, increasing your ability to recruit students and enhance their employability.
Assurance that your marketing is based on solid evidence, helping you avoid a poor return on investment and a failure to recruit.
A clear view of which labour markets to target, putting you ahead of your competitors and enhancing your graduates' employability.