UKG and Lightcast

UKG, a leading HR and workforce solutions provider, has partnered with Lightcast to accelerate the transformation of skills development and workforce planning through artificial intelligence (AI). Our partnership delivers industry-leading skills data so organizations can empower employees with innovative reskilling, upskilling, and professional development opportunities. UKG Pro customers will now be able to support building personalized career paths, aligning with employees' current roles and their future aspirations.

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With UKG + Lightcast:

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AI-Powered, Real-Time Insights

Employees receive personalized guidance on skills development tailored to their current role and future ambitions, unlocking new opportunities to earn pay differentials and promotions.

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A Holistic View of Workforce Readiness

People managers and HR teams have a comprehensive view of current workforce skills and future potential gaps to support proactive talent strategies.  

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A Culture of Continuous Learning

Organizations can drive development, retention, and business success by ensuring people are constantly learning and growing.


“AI enables organizations to build skills-based people strategies for every element of the employee experience. UKG’s commitment to building great workplaces, working with Lightcast, a universal source of truth for global skills, promises a major step forward for companies who want to build skills-based strategies for recruiting, development, workforce management, and career development.”

Josh Bersin

Global Industry Analyst and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company


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