Workday and Lightcast

Maximize your investment in Workday by seamlessly adopting a skills-based approach. Our integration delivers market-driven skill recommendations, normalized titles, and occupations directly into Workday job profiles so you can arm your organization with the most comprehensive talent intelligence to identify, recruit, and manage talent with confidence.  

More information on Lightcast’s integration can be found on the Workday Software Partners Page.

workday partners with Lightcast

Skills-Based Organizations Achieve:


Reduction in Cost to Hire


Reduction in Time to Hire


Increase in Diversity

With Workday + Lightcast:

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Improved Workday Experience

Maximize your investment and unlock additional talent management and career mobility features afforded to Workday Skills Cloud customers.

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Leverage Global Market Insights

Use real-time talent intelligence to track the level of competition for in-demand skills, viewing how supply, demand, and compensation changes over time.

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Enhanced Skill Profiles

18 Billion+ external data points and modeled skill recommendations provide Workday clients with comprehensive job profiles for all their crucial roles.

Transform Workforce Decisions
Stay Agile in Changing Markets

Achieve workforce mobility by identifying opportunities to upskill and re-skill employees based on connections between recommended skills and learning content.

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Our Data Available in Your HCM

Seamlessly access a centralized view in Workday of the talent intelligence needed to support your organization on your skills-based journey.


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