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Supercharging HR with Skills

How TalenTeam Is Helping Companies Improve Workforce Management By Embedding Skills Into Their HR Platforms

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What Skills Unlock

Organisations are increasingly adopting a skills-based approach to navigate workforce dynamics, and improve talent mobility, and increase speed to hire.

TalenTeam is a SAP SuccessFactors partner offering a variety of HR tech tools and consultancy services. It supports enterprises worldwide in enhancing their HR management and employee experience through core HR and payroll, recruiting and onboarding, learning and development, HR analytics, performance and compensation, and workforce transformation.

Over the last few years, TalenTeam has noticed a massive increase in demand for a skills-focused approach. Organisations are moving to use more skill analysis in managing their workforce, so they need more accessible ways to embed skills into their existing HR platforms. 

Importantly, this data needs to be organised by a skills taxonomy that is dynamic enough to reflect the changing nature of the labour market, enabling companies to easily integrate skills as another critical component of their approach to efficient and effective talent management. 

The Question

How Could TalenTeam Best Help Their Clients Shift To A Skills-Based HR Approach?

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To continue supporting its customers in their talent and workforce planning, TalenTeam needed access to enriched skills data that would be easily integrated into its software systems. 

“The first area we started to look at was learning. How do we drive a skills-based learning approach for our customers? And that's where our need for a data provider came in,” said Sandeep Nahata, Director of TalenTeam. 

But TalenTeam was looking for much more than a data provider: it was looking for a partner that could provide a robust range of data services and capabilities, enhancing its offerings and improving its competitive advantage for years to come. 

The Answer

Putting Data Into Action

TalenTeam leveraged Lightcast's unrivaled skills data and insights to embed normalised skills data into its clients' HR platforms so that they could both understand the skills available in their companies and build a skills-based approach to workforce and talent management.

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After searching the market, TalenTeam found that Lightcast offered the best labour market data, along with a broader variety of capabilities that made it suitable for a strong long-term partnership model. 

Though TalenTeam was initially focused on leveraging skills data for its learning and development solutions, this partnership supports TalenTeam’s vision of continuing to scale its capabilities and adapting to its clients’ needs. 

“Lightcast’s partnership model, data, and wide variety of capabilities meant that it would be suitable for a long-term partnership because we only had one small requirement to start with, but we knew where we wanted to go,” shared Sandeep. 

TalenTeam initially started with Lightcast’s Skills API and Open Skills Taxonomy for two of its core propositions: BLEND LXP and SAP Talent Intelligence Hub. 

Its suite of Lightcast products has since been extended to include Lightcast’s DDN API - an essential capability enabling companies to categorise skills by Distinguishing, Defining, and Necessary for any given role - and Lightcast’s Career Pathways API - which allows Talenteam’s clients to improve career progression and employee retention.

Blend LXP: Skills-Based Learning and Development

By leveraging Lightcast’s Skills API and Open Skills Taxonomy, which contains over 32,000 skills organised into 30+ categories, Talenteam helps organisations catalogue their learning content to skills in BLEND LXP - its smart Learning Experience Platform.

TalenTeam Blend LXP product

To deliver its insight, Talenteam pulls the learning content from its SAP SuccessFactors suite (which includes BLEND LXP and other HR products) and tags it with skills based on Lightcast’s Skills Taxonomy, making personalised recommendations to users based on these matches. 

“The capability wasn't there when we initially built the LXP, so it's an optional element for the existing customers. But going forward, any new customers implementing BLEND LXP will have to adopt this feature. Lightcast and Lightcast skills data are a fundamental part of our product,” said Sandeep. 

The newly acquired DDN API will take skills-based learning and development a step further - allowing TalenTeam’s clients to understand what skills to prioritise based on the Distinguishing, Defining, and Necessary skills for each role in the labour market. Cross-checking this data with the skills their employees possess, companies can tailor and promote content to close existing skills gaps.  

SAP Talent Intelligence Hub: Humanising HR

TalenTeam’s SAP Talent Intelligence Hub enables enterprises to truly understand their employees’ skills, interests, strengths, motivations, and even work styles. When it comes to skills, TalenTeam scans employees’ job descriptions using Lightcast’s skills classification to identify the skills each role requires and help companies build their internal skills library. These insights enable talent and business leaders to make informed decisions on talent management and development.

SAP SuccessFactors Talent Intelligence Hub

TalenTeam is currently expanding and testing its product offering. Though still in its early stages, the feedback has been positive, and exciting plans are already in the making. 

“Career Pathways and DDN will allow us to not just focus on the skills that employees have today but actually understand what skills they may need in the future. This is where our partnership with Lightcast really starts to create value beyond just a skill taxonomy tagging,” shares Sandeep. 

These two APIs are vital for Talenteam, enabling them to support talent leaders in understanding how each role can progress, building career paths for their employees, and recommending new skills and learning content to support their progression. 

"The wide variety of capabilities that Lightcast offers really allows us to scale. It's been a fantastic team to work with; each team member comes with immense technical knowledge as well as an understanding of the skills market and is always out there available to help. It's truly a partnership in the sense that we are not just subscribed to a service, but Lightcast is also invested in making sure that we are building a solid offering."

Sandeep Nahata,



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