The Lightcast Global Workforce Index

Helping organisations worldwide benchmark business critical workforce metrics.

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What is the Global Workforce Index?

The Lightcast Global Workforce Index is a freemium dashboard, with subscription-based premium features, on a mission to transform the way organisations measure the effectiveness of their workforce strategy, and how they benchmark themselves against their market and their competitors.

Why the need for a Global Workforce Index?

Organisations across the globe are facing unprecedented talent challenges. From skills shortages to spiralling payroll costs, from employee turnover to the complexities of effectively managing workforce DE&I, key questions keeping CEOs and CHROs awake at night include:

• How effective is our current workforce strategy?

• How do our workforce results compare to our competitors?

• How can we measure and improve our workforce performance?

What is needed is a new way for organisations to answer these questions, using a data-driven approach to measuring and comparing HR impact.

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What does the Lightcast Global Workforce Index do?

The Lightcast Global Workforce Index brings together 60 business-critical workforce metrics to help C-Suite leaders make better workforce strategy decisions, covering the full employee lifecycle, across the following 8 workforce categories:

• Corporate Sustainability, Ethics and Risk

• Leadership, Engagement and Organisation Design

• Recruitment, Internal Mobility, Succession, SWP

• Talent Management - Performance, Learning and Skills Development

• Total Rewards and Recognition

• Workforce Costs and ROI

• Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

• Workforce Relations, Employee Health, Safety and Wellbeing, and Employee Turnover

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What does it cost?

We're offering various options and pricing depending on the number of employees in your company, and how many countries, workforce metrics, and users you are interested in. So whether you want to gather benchmarks for a single country, or for your entire company globally; whether you want our 15 basic workforce metrics, or the full suite of 60; we have six options ranging from a free solution to a low cost subscription model.

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How do we proceed?

We’ve opened early adopter registration for companies who want to participate in our mission. All you need to be eligible to participate is a workforce of more than 100 permanent employees, along with a willingness to collate and share aggregated data on your workforce against defined standards (all data will be stored securely and anonymised, and we will sign up partners on a first come, first served basis). Just fill in the form below, indicating which of the six options you are interested in, and we'll be in touch shortly to explain the next steps & timescales for the launch.

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