Identify Your Area's Best Opportunities for Future Growth

Local Authorities are under pressure to ensure they are driving local economic growth and bringing prosperity to their area. We can help you achieve this.
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The Challenge of Driving Growth in Your Area

Interventions aimed at driving growth and bringing prosperity to your area ideally need to be based on a deep understanding of which sectors make your area unique and which present the best opportunities for growth. Our aim is to offer you the insight and solid evidence about your local economy that will enable you to better understand where your interventions will be most effective.

How can we

Help You?

When it comes to driving growth, every Local Authority will face its own unique challenges. Yet there is one common challenge that we've come across time and time again: the lack of highly granular, local Labour Market Insight (LMI) upon which to base decisions about where to target interventions.

Our LMI is helping many Local Authorities to overcome this challenge. By showing them which sectors give their area a competitive advantage and which ones are best placed for growth, they are being empowered to make more informed decisions. To find out more, download our case study on Gateshead Council.


Analyst gives you instant access to key insight on jobs, skills and industries, down to 4-digit SIC and SOC classifications at the Local Authority level, making it the most granular overview of your economy available. Amongst many other features, the tool allows you to:

CheckmarkIdentify sectors that give your area a competitive advantage
CheckmarkCompare your area's economy with other LEP and MCA areas
CheckmarkUnderstand and compare skills supply and demand in your region


We understand that unique challenges require unique solutions. By working with you to identify the specific questions you need answering, we can offer you a fully customisable consulting experience, tailored to your area, that will give you detailed analysis on challenges such as:

CheckmarkDemand and supply for skills and higher skills in your area
CheckmarkThe level of exposure to automation in your local economy
CheckmarkThe potential effects of Brexit on your labour market

Let's Talk

We'd love to hear about how you are currently enaging employers and whether we can help make this process more targeted. Contact us and we will:


We'll listen to the challenges you face in trying to produce a curriculum that is better aligned to job demand.


We'll talk to you about how our solutions can help you identify both misalignment and new opportunities.

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We'll work with you to implement our solution which will help you move towards a truly demand-led curriculum.

Check out our 7 point customer pledge to see how we will provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of our solutions.

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By working with us you will have ... 

CheckmarkA solid evidence-base from which you can better understand your local economy and make effective interventions to drive growth.
CheckmarkAssurance that the decisions you make are based on robust data, and so they are far more likely to hit the target.
CheckmarkConfidence that your interventions are likely to help your region grow and bring benefits and prosperity to your community.

Other Challenges we are Helping to Solve

We also work with Local Authorities across the country, helping them drive growth in their area. Click on the box below to find out more.