Analysis of green clusters, sector 12

Published on Jun 29, 2009

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

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The first table (12) deals with “green increased demand” occupations, as classified by the O*NET Resource Center, for the Government and Regulatory Administration cluster; the second table (12-B) relates to “green enhanced skills” occupations for the same cluster.

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  • O*NET describes this sector as “activities by public and private organizations associated with conservation and pollution prevention, regulations enforcement, and policy analysis and advocacy,” many of which are higher-skilled activities. For that reason, the bulk of occupations in this sector require at least a Bachelor’s degree.

  • Many of these occupations don’t have a huge presence, but some growth has taken place from 2007-2009. Transportation inspectors (7%) and Conservation scientists (8%) have been especially healthy.

  • All these occupations become more in-demand when retirements and out-migration (i.e. replacement jobs) come into the equation.