Emsi and Relode Partner to Bridge the Gap Between People and Work

Published on Sep 8, 2021

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Ethan Oldham

Emsi and Relode Partner to Bridge the Gap Between People and Work

Emsi Burning Glass, a leading provider of labor market data and analytics, is pleased to announce its partnership with Relode, an online marketplace helping professionals find talent, refer talent, and apply for opportunities.

This partnership provides EBG access to Relode’s large customer and prospect base across numerous growth industries. With this broader horizon for impact, EBG will be able to bless even more customers by getting the right data into the right hands. 

This partnership also provides Relode and its customers access to EBG’s extensive library of labor market data, helping Relode make key talent decisions and better connect countless professionals and businesses.

“Relode is thrilled to partner with the leader in actionable labor market data, Emsi Burning Glass, providing scaling organizations with data to drive economic prosperity. With a record number of US job openings, combining Emsi Burning Glass’s data with the largest network of independent recruiters, Relode is empowering rapidly-growing companies to define and execute on their growth strategies. Relode’s customers are thrilled to not only have a scalable way to access new and diverse pools of talent, but finally have answers to the questions they’ve been asking every day about compensation, supply and demand of talent, and DEI benchmarking.” 

— Vinnie Cholewa, Head of Sales & Customer Success at Relode 

“Relode’s partnership empowers a new segment of employers with the depth and breadth of the Emsi Burning Glass labor market data. Relode’s innovative network-based approach to recruiting coupled with Emsi Burning Glass’s data allows employers the ability to both guide their internal recruiting strategy and hire at scale. I am excited to see our partnership continue to grow, and watch Relode’s customers embrace the use of labor market data.”

— Bruce Evans, Executive Vice President of Talent Analytics at Emsi Burning Glass

Both EBG and Relode are devoted to the same mission: driving economic growth and prosperity by connecting the right people with the right work. By combining their talents and tools, EBG and Relode look forward to fulfilling this mission with even greater effectiveness.

About Relode

With the largest and still rapidly-growing candidate and professional recruiter network, Relode is the realization of what the future of staffing looks like: an online marketplace where professionals refer talent or apply for opportunities themselves.

Employers are able to connect directly with our network of qualified, interested, and engaged professionals to find the perfect fit for any job opening.

At Relode, we put rewards back in the hands of our virtual crowd of recruiters, saving our clients across all industries from costly staffing firm fees and unnecessary expenses.

About Emsi Burning Glass

Emsi Burning Glass is the world’s leading authority on job skills, workforce talent, and labor market dynamics. With engineers and data specialists continually collecting and analyzing data from thousands of job boards, company websites, online resumes, employee profiles, and traditional government sources, the company produces the most comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the labor market available.

Companies across the globe use EBG market research, analytical software, and data expertise to better understand their own workforce and identify skilled and diverse talent for future growth. EBG also guides colleges and universities in connecting their programs to the needs of the local labor market, as well as advises government entities in creating more effective programs for economic prosperity.

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and Moscow, Idaho, Emsi Burning Glass is active in more than 30 countries and has offices in the United Kingdom, Italy, New Zealand, and India.