Emsi’s Expanded Job Posting Analytics

Published on Aug 1, 2016

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

Emsi’s Expanded Job Posting Analytics

Today marks a new generation of Emsi’s Job Posting Analytics. The update—which enables filtering by skill, title, certification, and company—brings a cutting-edge level of specificity to analyzing employer demand.

What’s more, this change brings our clients the most comprehensive integration of traditional labor market data

and real-time labor market data available. Read more about our goal to continuously innovate the Emsi labor market dataset.

What’s New

  • Search and filter job posting analytics by job title, skill, certification, and company

  • Stack filters for added granularity (e.g., job posting analytics for JavasScript, a programming language, specific to Amazon.com, Inc., within the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue MSA)

  • Job postings regional breakout map to visually display unique posting concentration

  • Top posted O*NET occupations matching your filter

  • Top posted job titles matching your filter

Upcoming Webinars

For more on how your institution or organization can leverage this new data and functionality within Analyst and Developer, register for our upcoming webinars hosted by Emsi product experts.

Higher Education

Aligning Programs Using Job Posting Analytics: August 9, 11 AM PST. Register here.

Economic & Workforce Development

Going Deeper on Your Region’s Workforce and Employers’ Skill Needs: August 11, 11 AM PST. Register here.

Job Posting Sources

Our job posting analytics are scraped from the web, aggregated, and restructured into a single dataset. We scrape tens of thousands of additional sites to compile our job posting data. On a given month, this consists of scraping between 6-8 million unique active postings from more than 90,000 companies.

To learn more about Emsi’s Job Postings Analytics and labor market analysis tools, contact info@economicmodeling.com or request information here.