Emsi’s Location Economics Team Opens New Office in Dallas

Published on Nov 3, 2022

Emsi’s Location Economics Team Opens New Office in Dallas

Emsi is excited to announce the grand opening of our new office in Dallas, Texas. This office will serve as the hub of Emsi’s location economics team, which advances site selection and labor analytics for commercial real estate firms.

Dallas office led by Dr. Wayne Gearey

Dr. Wayne Gearey

Dr. Wayne Gearey, an expert in the fields of site selection, labor analytics, and location economics, will lead the Dallas office. Breaking new ground for CREtech, Dr. Gearey provides brokers and their clients with new ways to solve challenging location intelligence problems through Emsi’s premier labor data and analytical platform.

Dr. Gearey’s extensive experience in site selection analysis, combined with Emsi’s comprehensive database of regional workforce and economic data, produces unparalleled insight into markets and how they perform.

Now Emsi’s chief analytics officer, Dr. Gearey formerly worked as the chief data scientist for JLL’s award-winning global location intelligence team. He is also a clinical professor and faculty advisory board member at the University of Texas-Dallas in the economics, political, and policy science department. For the past five years, he has taught the only class available on location intelligence for business. 

Investing in CREtech

Andrew Crapuchettes

Emsi’s Dallas office will serve as a training facility for researchers and site selectors who want to provide greater validity and reliability to their clients. They’ll learn how to reduce the common data errors that occur when analyzing macro and micro comparisons of markets and submarkets. 

“At Emsi, our vision has always been to improve the connection between people, economies, and work. I strongly believe that this investment in a location economics team and our offerings to the commercial real estate industry—and their clients—furthers our vision,” said Emsi CEO Andrew Crapuchettes.

“If a company cannot connect with the right people, in the right place, they will not be successful. We are excited to invest in a CREtech space that provides clients with a huge leg up for finding the right place for their business.”

If you have any questions about the grand opening or our location economics offerings, contact Amy Fobes at amy.fobes@economicmodeling.com.