Lightcast Partners with World Employment Confederation

Published on Jul 26, 2023

Written by Mariana Marques

World Employment Confederation (WEC) has partnered with Lightcast to expand its understanding of the labor market, both for itself and for its member organizations. 

This partnership will enable WEC to complement its access to labour market data beyond what the organisation can already access through data collected from its network of private employment agencies, and obtain a clear picture of labour market trends. This expanded access to labour market data makes it easier for WEC to make evidence-based decisions and work with policymakers and other stakeholders. 

WEC members will also benefit from this partnership, as they will gain additional insights on the state of the labour market and on specific trends such as the European Year of Skills, the rise of digitalisation and AI, and the impacts of green economies on jobs and skills. 

WEC will also be collaborating with Lightcast on a variety of thought leadership projects, conferences, events, and WEC internal working groups such as the Economic Affairs Committee and Public Affairs Committee throughout the year. We will be addressing pressing labour market topics and finding solutions and opportunities to continuously improve the world of work. 

“We believe that Lightcast insights will enable us to better sustain our messages towards policymakers and thought leaders and better demonstrate the contribution of our sector to better functioning labour markets. Ultimately, this stronger data-driven approach, powered by Lightcast, will contribute to the adoption of favourable policy frameworks, conducive to sustainable growth for our industry,” said Denis Pennel, Managing Director at WEC.

About WEC 

Based in Brussels, Belgium, the World Employment Confederation (WEC) is a non-profit organisation that aims to broaden recognition of the positive economic and social role of the private employment services sector, which includes a variety of HR services, such as agencies, direct recruitment, career management, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Provider (MSP).

WEC represents national federations and private companies in over 50 countries across the globe, and engages with relevant policymakers with the likes of the European Union, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). It also holds strong relationships with other relevant stakeholders such as trade unions, think tanks, and NGOs. 

WEC’s services include advocating on behalf of the HR services industry towards international policy makers; acting as a thought-leader shaping futureproof and competitive labour markets and providing strategic research on employment issues. The organisation has also developed its own Code of Conduct and Code of Principles for Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence, which all WEC members are required to adhere to in order to promote fairer recruitment practices. On a global level, WEC Members provide access to the labour market to more than 60 million people on a yearly basis.

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