Links from around the Web

Published on Jan 8, 2010

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

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Here is an assortment of education and workforce/economic development links that piqued our interest:

  • Community College Times explores the different ways stimulus funds are being used at CCs around the country. As you might imagine, a big emphasis is on green jobs training.

  • The West Michigan Business Review looks at how Michigan Works! Berrien, Cass and Van Buren — an EMSI client — is trying to dissuade jobseekers from having a negative image of manufacturing. It conducted a labor market analysis and determined advanced manufacturing will be in need of new workers because of growth and retirements.

  • The New York Times’ Economix blog analyzes the December jobs reports by looking at three-month moving averages, which paint a more optimistic picture. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal writes how the broader measure of unemployment increased.

  • and Fortune profile a wealthy Detroit investor who’s pumping money into turning the city’s vacant plots into farmland.

  • The Chicago Tribune writes about an uptick in culinary classes at area community colleges.

  • Florida leaders are devoting their attention to the state’s aerospace industry.