Resilient Skills to Succeed in a Post-COVID World

Published on Sep 4, 2020

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Emsi Burning Glass

Resilient Skills to Succeed in a Post-COVID World

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What skills should you highlight on your resume? What new skills should you gain to prepare for that new (or better) job? You need resilient skills: skills that have either remained or increased in demand throughout the COVID shutdown and fastest recession in US recorded history.

We discuss these skills in our new report: “Resilient Skills: Survivor Skills That the Class of COVID-19 Should Pursue.”

Resilient workers are both generalist and specialist. They have broad interdisciplinary competence combined with deep, narrow expertise. As Isaiah Berlin once famously said: “A fox knows many things. A hedgehog knows one big thing.” Well, the resilient worker is both fox and hedgehog. They know a little about many things, and they know a lot about one or two subject matters.

In this report, we analyze three kinds of resilient skills that will help you become both fox and hedgehog: 1) human skills, 2) technical skills, and 3) hard-to-find skills.


  • Resilient skills include a mix of human skills and technical skills.

  • Resilient human skills (such as communication, management/leadership, and critical thinking) are specifically required in 84% of all job postings.

  • Resilient technical skills fall into two basic categories: 1) technology (tech) skills (such as coding and software development) and 2) core business skills (sales, marketing, finance, and operations).

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