Skill ID: Create Actionable Skill Profiles for Your Roles

Published on Apr 13, 2021

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Haley Yamane Melhart

What is Skill ID?

Skill ID is a job title normalization and skill-benchmarking tool. It identifies skills specific to the roles within your organization, while also creating skill profiles for those roles. Skill ID makes it easy to identify skill gaps so that your talent (and company) can learn and develop with efficiency. With this robust tool, users have the power to create, customize, and store internal roles, benchmarks, and skill profiles. Check it out for yourself!

You can also import the data gained from Skill ID directly into your existing HR system! Because you shouldn’t have to try to make sense of different file versions flying around.  

Why are skills so important?

Skills are key to talent acquisition. They describe work with a detail and accuracy that job titles and occupation codes simply can’t. Skills also help companies visualize the transferability between careers, because titles alone don’t give the full picture. Breaking down roles by skill profiles or clusters helps organizations better understand each role so that they can better plan for the future.

How does Skill ID work?

Skill ID helps you (HR, talent acquisition, and business leaders) do the following: 

  1. Normalize job titles for role analysis

  2. Identify skill profiles for your roles

  3. Analyze and refine your roles

Let’s dive into how the tool helps you accomplish these tasks. 

Normalize job titles for role analysis

This means translating your internal language for the outside world. This is important because when your titles are normalized, they become the most relevant, utilized terminology across the industry—giving your team the clearest lens for analysis. This allows you to quickly compare skills your company houses against the industry (as well as your competition). Using that information to strategically position your business for the future is where the power of analysis comes in. 

Identify skill profiles for your roles

Once your titles are translated, Skill ID automatically sorts through your titles, then tags them with skills associated with each of your roles. All that information is sorted and saved into what we call “skill profiles.” Use these profiles to get a full picture of which skills exist (and how widespread they are) throughout your company.

Analyze and refine your roles

Using skill profiles, you get an objective, granular breakdown of where your company skill gaps are so that you can make plans for improvement. You can even create benchmarks within the tool so that you can compare how your company’s skills match up against your competitors. Save and come back to these benchmarks to check in on trending skills across the industry. When you know which skills are hot and emerging, you can recruit for them immediately and stay ahead of the competition.

When to use Skill ID

Skill ID provides important information for three main areas:

  1. Talent Acquisition

  2. Employee Development

  3. Workforce and Role Planning

Talent Acquisition: Assess the skills within roles (through skill profiles) and equip recruiters with skill data. They can use that data for talent (and competitor) research, consistency in job postings, and educating hiring managers.

Employee Development: Skill ID helps company leaders learn which skills are most important to find and retain. They can also use skills to create intentional learning and development plans that benefit the employee and employer. Investing in your people is investing in your business.

Workforce and Role Planning: When you know where you are, you can plan where you’d like to go. The same is true for workforce planning. When you know the skills present in your roles, you can benchmark where you’d like the skillsets of your company to be. Use that information to measure gaps throughout the organization and create strategies to overcome. 

Skill ID: An asset to your talent strategy

A strong talent strategy involves using skills. Skill ID equips users with accurate, objective insight to put you ahead of the competition. And does the leg work of creating skill profiles for your people so that you can start planning right away. 

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