SmartReq: More than Staffing Software

Published on Sep 14, 2021

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Ethan Oldham

SmartReq isn’t just staffing software: it’s a lead generating and qualifying weapon. Created for the staffing industry by staffing experts, SmartReq makes finding and selling job requisitions (reqs) faster and easier than ever before.

Think of it as your personal staffing advisor. If you’re an account manager at a staffing agency, you know how hard it can be to find quality reqs with criteria that are just right for selling. Every day, you’re faced with a deluge of questions. How do you find new reqs and clients? How do you maintain the clients you already have? Which reqs do you decide to pursue? All of them? None of them? Three or four?

SmartReq takes out the guesswork. Using cutting-edge data, SmartReq creates a customized list of reqs for you to pursue based on your priorities and market availability.

Staffing software for finding and selling reqs

While the user experience of SmartReq is simple, the data behind it is powerful, intentional, and robust. We took out all the noise and confusion that typical data tools have and made user-friendliness a top priority. The data points you see are the ones that matter.

SmartReq simplifies the job of an account manager down to a three-step process. (1) Define your expertise and your goals. (2) Find quality reqs. (3) Sell with confidence.

Step 1: Define your expertise and your goals

Tell SmartReq what you’re looking for! Which industries are you experienced in? Which companies do you have a relationship with, and which would you like to prospect? Which occupations are you currently staffing, and which occupations are you planning to pursue?

SmartReq’s sophisticated AI uses this information to create a personalized profile for you, allowing you to focus your talent sourcing on what you do best.

Step 2: Find quality reqs

Once you’ve set your preferences, SmartReq’s advanced staffing software hand-delivers you a list of open job postings, tailored to fit your targets and goals. Our unique, staffing-specific formulas do the heavy lifting. SmartReq gathers job postings for both company sites and job boards, updating the list daily to ensure no opportunities slip through the cracks.

The result? A comprehensive list of potential reqs, created personally for you. No clutter, no cold calls, no endless searching online. In literally seconds, SmartReq does the hunting for you, allowing you to get down to doing what you’re here to do in the first place: sell your reqs.

Step 3: Sell a req

Now that you have a list of reqs suited to your strengths, experience, and connections, all that’s left is to decide which of those reqs you should pursue.

So how do you determine which reqs pose the best opportunity? SmartReq does that for you, too.

Again, what would’ve been hours (if not days) of personal research and guesswork, SmartReq does in seconds. SmartReq’s staffing software takes each req and compares it to all other similar job postings in similar markets. 

The software looks at metrics and trends like wage, supply/demand, competition, and skills. SmartReq uses this information to score each req on a five-point scale, showing you how difficult filling the req will be.

Whether it’s due to a wage mismatch, a skills mismatch, or a simple lack of availability, some reqs are ranked as difficult to fill. Your best bet would be to leave these reqs to the side. Other reqs are ranked less difficult to fill. These are ones you should move forward with, knowing candidates are in ready supply. 

And just like that, you’re ready to pursue a strong list of reqs hand-picked for you.

Staffing software that helps you navigate client conversations with unbiased data

We know conversations with clients can be tricky. Sometimes a client isn’t satisfied with a simple rejection of their req. Sometimes you have a long-standing relationship with a client, and rejecting one of their reqs requires some kind of explanation.

With SmartReq, you don’t have to waffle on an answer like “We haven’t been able to fill this req for months”—or even worse, continue to bang your head against the wall of a flawed req for months longer. Instead, you can come to your clients with objective data to shape each req to match the wage expectations and talent supply for the market. 

Is your client offering a wage much lower than the going rate? You can tell them exactly how much they need to raise their wage to give them the best chance to succeed.

Is your client requiring skills that very few people in their target occupation possess? You can tell them exactly what skills they need to emphasize, and which skills are only getting in their way.

Is your client trying to hire for a role that’s in very high demand? You can apprise them of the situation, and suggest creative solutions to the problem, whether it’s raising wages, looking to different talent pools, or trying to hire remotely.

More than just advising you in your decisions, SmartReq supports you in your decisions so you can enter conversations with your clients well-informed and confident.

Your personal staffing advisor

We designed SmartReq to be your own economist, helping you provide businesses with quality employees, and people with quality employers. Whether you’re a long-time staffing expert or a brand-new account manager, you can utilize SmartReq to start winning reqs, maximizing your bill rates, and filling those reqs—as fast as possible.

You’re doing incredibly important work. We want to help you do it as quickly, efficiently, and easily. With SmartReq at your side, we believe you’ll reach heights you never have before.

Check out the SmartReq page to learn more, and fill out the form below to get your hands on it!


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