Top Skills Trends in 2023

AI Evolution and Human Adaptation

Published on Aug 2, 2023

Updated on Sep 10, 2023

Written by Tim Hatton & Echo Liu

When business needs change, so do the skills employers need from their workers. Staying aware of the latest trends in job postings can help jobseekers understand how to adapt, help educators and staffing leaders know how to help workers get jobs, and help other businesses understand how their industry is evolving.

Over the past several years, as skill change has accelerated and skills-based hiring has gained new prominence throughout the labor market, employers have begun requesting specific “soft” human skills to complement the more practical competencies required in day-to-day tasks. 

Two of the top trends we’ve seen through the first half of 2023 point to that larger pattern, especially as businesses re-evaluate how to best work in the office again (or whether to work in the office at all, as remote work is on the rise all over the world). At the same time, the biggest shift affecting the world of work, and the economy overall, is the growth of artificial intelligence tools, particularly generative AI. 

We calculated these top skills by looking at January-June postings in the United States for 2023 and comparing them to all postings for 2022. We didn’t set out to find those with the greatest demand overall, nor the fastest growing, but those seeing the greatest increase comparing the two periods.

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Here are some top trends in skills across all US job postings in 2023:

Flexibility for the Future

Across a wide range of roles, employers are asking for skills that contribute to a long-term attitude of adaptability and growth, no matter what the future brings. While technical abilities are essential, 2023 sees a surge in demand for skills that foster collaboration and community-building. The modern workplace isn't just about understanding different backgrounds; it’s about leveraging them for a common goal. 

Here are the top skills shaping this trend:

  • Lifelong Learning (+51%): The continuous pursuit of knowledge and skills throughout one's life, ensuring adaptability in changing environments.

  • Growth Mindset (+24%): A framework that believes abilities can evolve with effort, improving one’s ability to embrace challenges, persist against setbacks, and value feedback.

  • Intercultural Competence (+37%): The ability to understand and effectively interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • Cultural Humility (+35%): A commitment to self-evaluate and redress power imbalances and recognize others' cultural perspectives.

  • Social Perceptiveness (+32%): Reading and understanding others’ reactions, a crucial component for fostering mutual respect.

  • Community Leadership (+22%): Building and steering community-driven projects and initiatives.

  • Constructive Feedback (+21%): The ability to give and receive feedback that enhances productivity and promotes personal and professional growth.

And finally, nine of the top 50 skills seeing the greatest rise in 2023 are related to languages, from Arabic to German to Sign, averaging +57% growth. This speaks to a more intercultural and international world of work, as more employers seek to expand their footprint and their workforce beyond the regions and demographics they’ve reached in the past.

Skills are How the Labor Market Connects

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What Are Skills?

Tech Skills: Artificial Intelligence's Grand Entrance

The realm of technical skills in 2023 paints a picture of a world being rapidly changed by artificial intelligence. The emphasis is on integrating AI technologies in diverse domains, including healthcare, design, cybersecurity, and more:

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence (>500%): A skill defining the creation of content or solutions by machines, often used in design, media, and entertainment. While demand for generative AI is still relatively low in postings, it’s growing extraordinarily fast.

  • ETAP (+139%): A comprehensive analytical platform used in power systems.

  • OptumInsight (+127%): Highlighting the rise in healthcare analytics, this skill pertains to solutions that provide healthcare data, analytics, and consultancy.

  • CyberArk (+101%): A critical cybersecurity tool used to eliminate security threats.

  • AutoCAD Civil 3D (+71%): Demonstrating the demand in the civil engineering and design domain.

The Horizon Ahead

The labor market is constantly evolving, and in 2023, that shift has continued to develop in new ways. While we do have an array of technical skills gaining momentum, the prominence of human skills indicates a balanced approach toward building the future workplace. As we navigate these changes, continuous learning and adaptability remain fundamental to success. 

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