Using Lightcast to Support the Italian Private Sector

Published on Jul 20, 2023

Written by Mariana Marques


In an unpredictable labour market, associations and unions have a difficult task at hand: to support the private sector through relevant and regional workforce insights. What’s more, in order to continuously improve their services and attract new companies, they need to have a full understanding of their labour market, including talent gaps and opportunities across sectors, and be able to show these insights to companies to support their growth.

Assolombarda's partnership with Lightcast

Assolombarda is the most important association of industries in Italy, covering the provinces of Milan, Lodi, Monza, and Brianza, Pavia. It protects and represents the interests of close to 7,000 companies of all sizes and across all sectors. Together, these enterprises employ almost half a million workers locally, and hundreds of thousands across the country. Its services include professional training and management, and strategic business support. In 2013, Assolombarda partnered with Lightcast to use our Italian Labour Market Observatory, a partnership that has proven fruitful in many ways. 

The Labour Market Observatory

Lightcast’s interactive Labour Market Observatory platform enables employer associations to explore their local labour market to the finest detail. Powered by Lightcast’s granular data, this platform is packed with current and hyper-granular insights about the top occupations, emerging industries, and rapidly growing skills, which can be filtered even by province, municipality or area. Labour Market Observatories are easy to navigate, making complex data digestible, and enabling efficient insight gathering. 

Lightcast's Labour Market Observatory

Strengthening the Italian private sector

Using the Labour Market Observatory platform, Assolombarda has been able to enrich the support it provides to local businesses in a number of different ways, including tailoring the training it offers to more closely reflect the upskilling and reskilling needs of employers; helping companies close talent gaps and ensure they have the skills they need to succeed; and attracting new talent into the region. By taking this insight-driven approach, Assolombarda is genuinely fostering local economic growth, helping businesses thrive, and ultimately bringing increased prosperity to communities across the region.

Other Italian associations like Confindustria Brescia and Confindustria Bergamo have used Lightcast’s Labour Market Observatory and achieved similar exceptional results.  

Commenting on the results Lightcast has helped Assolombarda achieve, Andrea Fioni, Senior Expert at Assolombarda Research Department, stated: 

"As an association of business representatives, we are often asked by institutions about the needs of the productive world. Lightcast allows us to offer a detailed picture of the labour market demand in our area, which is much more reliable than the results of a survey and without the burden of compilation that a survey entails."

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