WEBINAR | Thursday March 21st

Empowering Economic Growth: 3 Essential Tools for Data-Driven Business Attraction

3 Essential Tools for Data-Driven Business Attraction


Nathan Foss

Account Executive

Dalal Alkaldy

Account Manager

Key Topics

  • Discover how to leverage Lightcast’s data-rich tools to craft targeted business attraction strategies.

  • Learn to pinpoint growing businesses ripe for relocation, assess the strengths of your workforce, and effectively communicate data about your community to stakeholders.

  • See examples and best practices of how economic developers across the US & Canada are using Lightcast data to guide decisions and drive growth.

This on-demand webinar is tailored to economic development professionals. You’ll discover a connected workflow for leveraging Lightcast data and tools (Gazelle, Developer, and eIMPACT) to identify expanding business, assess local workforce strengths, and engage stakeholders with public dashboards and data displays. We’ll also share examples of how economic developers and chambers of commerce across the US and Canada are already using these tools to guide strategy and drive growth.

Download the slide deck.

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