Skills-Driven Workforce Transformation

At Lightcast we believe skills are at the center. And that there is a much needed revolution occurring in the way employers approach their workforce planning and talent strategy.

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The Skills-Based World of Work

The world of work is changing. The days when employees were defined by their qualifications or job titles are disappearing, and the days when they are defined by the skills they possess are here.

But if the today's workforce is defined by skills, yet your company’s organisational design is still defined by qualifications and job titles, how will you be able to develop and grow your workforce to genuinely reflect the skills dynamics of the increasingly fast-changing labour market?

Skills-Driven Workforce Transformation is how.

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What is Skills-Driven Workforce Transformation?

Skills-Driven Workforce Transformation is a new way of understanding your organisation's capabilities, more efficiently and clearly than ever before. Both internally and externally, you don't want to be in the dark about what your workers are capable of, or what talent you need to hire. Using skills can light the way forward.

Mapping your job architecture to match the skills-based realities of the labour market unlocks new potential throughout your organisation, from learning and development to finding talent to workforce planning, with unparalleled clarity.

What is Skills-Driven Workforce Transformation?

Unlock the Skills DNA of Your Workforce

A company’s workforce is both its biggest cost and its biggest asset. By taking a skills-driven approach you'll be able to truly understand the "Skills DNA" of your workforce, giving you a powerful way to unlock the real potential of your workforce. This leads to:

    Better employee productivity;

    Enhanced career pathway management;

    More focused training, reskilling and upskilling;

    Higher staff engagement levels;

    Improved workforce Return on Investment.

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Ready for a Skills-Driven Workforce Transformation?

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