Track alumni outcomes, from completion to career

Unlock insight into your students' education and career pathways, and the ways your institution prepared them for success.

Alumni celebrating the end of college and start of a new career.

Get the answers you need to satisfy stakeholders, improve programs, and support student success.

A new approach to an age-old question

"Where do our students go when they graduate?"

Amidst stubborn skepticism about the value of higher education, reliable data on alumni outcomes — in terms of career, not just completion — is more valuable than ever. Highlighting your past students’ current job titles, employers, and skills helps you more fully capture, evaluate, and communicate the impact of your academic programs.

But descriptive data is only half the story. Insight into alumni sentiment helps you go further by illuminating how your past students feel about their educational experience, career outcomes, financial ROI, and more.

Combined, these two sources (descriptive data and alumni sentiment) enable institutions to create a continuous feedback loop that informs and improves learner career success.

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Get key qualitative and quantitative metrics on alumni outcomes:

CheckmarkTop employers for each program's graduates
CheckmarkAlumni career satisfaction and perception of return on educational investment
CheckmarkTop skills alumni include in their online professional profiles
CheckmarkAdditional programs your alumni go on to complete at other institutions

Use descriptive alumni outcomes data to quickly access and analyze education and career pathways

How can I use descriptive alumni outcomes data?


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Program review

Validate successful programs, discover new opportunities, and identify programs that may be underperforming.

Employer engagement

Discover businesses hiring your grads so you can build strategic partnerships.

Grant writing and fundraising

Bolster your grant proposals with hard data proving your programs have helped alumni get great careers.

Academic and career advising

Help current and prospective students set realistic career goals based on actual employment outcomes of your grads.

Marketing and recruitment

Engage prospective students by demonstrating alumni success. Make it easy with GoRecruit: a powerful tool that complements Alumni Pathways by putting your grad’s career data in configurable infographics.

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See how other institutions are using alumni data

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Lake Washington Institute of Technology (WA)

Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) is using alumni data to attract funding and support guided pathways implementation. In particular, employment outcome data has helped them secure grants by demonstrating that their graduates get in-demand jobs at some of the premier employers in their region.

Watch LWTech's story
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Coastline College (CA)

Coastline College built Tableau dashboards around their alumni's career pathways data so faculty and administration can evaluate career outcomes, identify equity gaps, and provide current students with data-informed career advising.

Read Coastline's story
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Washington State University, Tri-Cities (WA)

WSU Tri-Cities used alumni data for recruitment, academic program development, and student support services. This included leveraging infographics (featuring alumni career outcomes and estimated earnings) in communications and even launch a new course to help students articulate their skills in non-traditional career paths.

Read WSU Tri-Cities' story

Want a sample alumni report for your institution?

Go further with alumni sentiment data that illuminates career satisfaction, perception of educational value, and high-impact career readiness practices.

What does alumni sentiment data cover?


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Number of jobs, industries, titles, geography, full vs. part-time, graduate school completion rate, internships during and after degree.


Salary growth, loan debt, family income growing up, current salary range.


Satisfaction with educational experience, marketability of major, relationships, network, mentor(s), faculty/staff influence on success, affinity to school.


Purpose, work-life balance, stability, responsibility, enthusiasm, and degree relevance.


General education, career advice, high impact learning practices, competencies.


Community involvement, philanthropy, awards, honors, and recognition.

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Download the 2023 NACM Annual Report

Explore national trends and benchmarks with data from over 9,000 undergraduates at 38 public and private institutions.

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Two tools for gathering alumni sentiment data

1. Embark first destination survey

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Simplify messaging & outreach efforts

Embark includes a customizable messaging and marketing toolkit to help you engage graduates and maximize response rates.

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Streamlined data collection and access

Embark helps you automate data collection and cleaning while providing a centralized access point to your first destination results via user-friendly dashboards and analytics.

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Shareable assets and deliverables

Embark's intuitive data visualizations breath life into outcomes data, enabling institutions to present compelling narratives and engage stakeholders in an impactful way.

2. National Alumni Career Mobility Survey (NACM)

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Holistic alumni insights

Understand alumni’s career satisfaction, economic mobility, and community engagement 5 and 10 years after graduation, including their perception of how your campus equipped them for success.

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National benchmarks for comparison

Peer comparisons and national benchmarking provide additional context to help you spot institutional strengths, and areas for improvement.

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High-impact career readiness practices

Improve student success with insight into six high-impact practices that have been statistically proven to enable career mobility and satisfaction.

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