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Show students how your programs lead to great careers

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Give students a reason to finish their education

When students have a career vision, they’re more likely to complete their program of study on time… and succeed in their careers. Career Coach gives them that vision. This powerful online service uses Lightcast's comprehensive labor market data to help students find careers that match their strengths—and discover programs at your college that will prepare them for success.

How Career Coach Works


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Get Started

Take an assessment that matches you up with careers. Or just search for any program or career.

View your matches

Explore broad career pathways that match your strengths and interests.

Explore careers

Compare careers within a pathway: salaries, required education, and more.

Find the right program

Explore the programs that will train you for your favorite career. Quickly apply for programs by jumping over to the institution’s program page.

Take the next step!

Create a profile and quickly craft your resume. Career Coach will even suggest tasks and skills to include based on your work experience. Ready to apply? Upload your resume directly to employers within Career Coach!

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What data does Career Coach use?

Career Coach taps into Lightcast’s comprehensive labor market data and uses a CIP-to-O*NET crosswalk to connect your programs with careers.

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"Career Coach helps our students think more deeply about their strengths. In my 13 years in career services, it's the best tool I've used."

Daniel Ortego,

Fmr. Coordinator of Career Services

McHenry County College

Career snapshots. Anywhere you want.

Use the Widget Builder to embed career information on any page of your website.

Or, create your own custom data integration with our comprehensive APIs.

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