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DEI Benchmarking to Achieve Diversity Goals

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What is DEI benchmarking?

DEI benchmarking is the process by which companies compare their organization’s diversity, equity, and inclusion against other similar businesses’. Setting workforce diversity goals requires that companies look at talent dynamics through a diversity lens across the total labor market. This means examining demographics like age, gender, race, and ethnicity on a market, industry, and occupational level.

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Benefits of Benchmarking DEI Metrics:

CheckmarkUnderstand demographics in specific markets and occupations to set realistic diversity goals
CheckmarkInform the hiring process on where and how to reach candidates from diverse backgrounds
CheckmarkFoster an inclusive workplace and culture in your organization
CheckmarkUnlock new employment and advancement opportunities for underrepresented workers

How should companies prioritize diversity and inclusion?

Setting diversity goals is an important step for leadership teams wanting to create more positive and inclusive workplaces. In order to measure progress toward achieving DEI goals, companies need to track DEI metrics. DEI metrics are a way for companies to monitor their DEI efforts and advancement to becoming a more equitable organization. Tracking hiring levels, talent mobility, employee retention, pay equity, and more for diverse workers are all part of diversity metrics. And the foundational piece of DEI metrics is demographics data.

Answer these questions with comprehensive demographics data:


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What should my company’s benchmark for DEI be?

Look at demographic information by age, gender, race, ethnicity, and geography for every occupation to set achievable DEI benchmarks.

How do I compare to the market for diverse talent?

Benchmark your DEI goals against what actually exists in the market. See if your initiatives are realistic when looking at the supply data of diverse talent in your market, industry, or specific occupation.

Where can I find more diverse talent?

Compare demographics data across regions to see the overall talent supply for your given role and look to those areas to recruit talent.

Where can I access diverse graduates?

Look at completion data (individuals graduating from specific programs) by gender and ethnicity for colleges across the US, and see what programs are producing diverse graduates at a higher rate.

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Customer Success Story

A leading software company

created a targeted recruitment strategy using normalized job titles to provide accurate diversity and inclusion benchmarks for their skilled and college graduate workforce.

DEI benchmarking

Data enables you to track DEI metrics.

Lightcast data helps you understand diversity within different regions and occupations. This is important because diversity varies from region to region and occupation to occupation. In order to have a solid DEI strategy, you need objective facts about the demographics data that fuels DEI.

Solutions for DEI Benchmarking

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Benchmark the diversity of a particular market and occupation.

Build an understanding of the diversity within a specific market and an occupation group with targeted demographics data.

Identify pockets of diverse talent across the US.

See a heat map based on diversity and demographics for your target occupation group and selected region(s). 

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Compare potential locations based on diversity.

Understand the diversity of occupations across multiple target locations with direct comparison of selected occupations and regions.

Learn more about diversity benchmarking. 

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