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Staffing Insights with Real-Time, Unbiased Data

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What is a staffing strategy?

To be successful in the staffing industry, you need a strong staffing strategy. A staffing strategy involves setting realistic expectations based on the current labor market, using the right tools to track and manage your processes, understanding your specific markets and industries, and evaluating each staffing decision based on concise and actionable data. Access to the latest staffing insights on workforce and recruitment trends enables you to develop a staffing process that decreases time to fill, increases client satisfaction, and consistently achieves successful placements. 

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Labor market data empowers staffing professionals to:

CheckmarkWin new business
CheckmarkMaximize bill rates
CheckmarkDecrease time to fill
CheckmarkTarget the right talent
CheckmarkNegotiate confidently

Answer these tough questions with data-backed staffing insights:

Where can you increase your market share?

Which businesses are spending money on staffing services?

What are your region's hottest in-demand jobs?

Which companies are trying to hire for these jobs?

How much should your clients pay to attract the right talent?

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Leverage staffing insights on supply, demand, and compensation to take your strategy to the next level:


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Lightcast provides comprehensive and actionable data on the supply of talent for any job in any market. This allows staffing professionals to negotiate with confidence on what skills should and should not be included in a job posting based on the supply of those skills in your given market.


Knowing your competition is a must for any staffing strategy. Lightcast tracks thousands of job postings daily to show your competitive environment in real-time. This unbiased and reliable data helps staffing firms understand the competition in any given market and evaluate how demand has changed over time.


Knowing how to set your bill rates is vital in the staffing industry. Relying on guesswork and intuition can be a million dollar mistake. Lightcast provides advertised wage, employed wage, and remote wage for any job. This enables you to directly compare your client’s wage to see if they are keeping up with market trends.

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Stand out in the staffing industry with Lightcast.

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Why use data in your staffing strategy?

Labor shortages are happening in the US and across the world. But this isn’t just the current situation, the labor market is constantly changing. Staffing companies who have the right data can leverage uncertainty to their advantage. By using Lightcast data to make sense of market conditions and tell the current story, you can navigate dynamic environments, confidently optimize client offerings, and increase bill rates. 

Customer Success Story

A national staffing agency

determined accurate labor rates needed to be successful in filling specific roles in the healthcare industry in 28 different markets. Lightcast data allowed them to identify which markets would be most difficult and advise their client on strategies for relocation, higher salaries, and signing bonuses in those locations, earning them a $20 million contract. 

Staffing Maximize Bill Rates

The key to staffing industry success is defensible data.

Lightcast data encompasses knowledge on industries, occupations, job postings, skills, compensation, demographics, staffing patterns, and more. Monitoring this information and broader workforce trends in the labor market help you know your target industry and what your clients need to do to succeed in the market.

Job postings are a window into the prospective talent clients are looking for. Postings data tell you what companies need the roles you want to staff, as well as what skills they expect from those roles, and what they’re prepared to pay for them. They also tell you about the broader conditions of the market you’re working in, providing insight into wage, supply, and demand for each role you’re pursuing. Support your staffing plan with data.

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