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Lightcast Workforce Consulting

Build a future-ready workforce strategy with expert guidance in your corner.


Enhance your talent strategy with consulting tailored to your needs.

Our team of economists, data scientists, and subject matter experts combine deep workforce knowledge with world-class labor data to answer the hardest questions about your business. We illuminate the best path through labor market complexities, helping you build a future-ready workforce equipped to thrive in an age of disruption.

Our Services

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Powerful insights and reports

Custom insights to guide skills-based strategic workforce planning, optimize all stages of your talent supply chain, and help you move forward with clarity. 

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Custom workforce datasets

Custom workforce datasets help you make informed decisions on site selection, recruiting, talent acquisition, compensation, DE&I initiatives, talent strategy, skill mapping, reskilling and professional development, role architecture, and more.

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Emerging trend analysis

Custom methodologies and analytics to quantify emerging fields, build custom market and job rankings, and identify evolving trends years before they surface in other data sets.

Our Solutions

Lightcast offers a truly customized, consultative approach to answering our client’s critical business questions. Whether it is a single, unique request or an ongoing need for data and insights, here are just a few of the ways that we can support you:

Prescriptive Consulting Services

Solve your most pressing talent challenges with in-depth consulting and custom research to answer key questions related to strategic workforce planning and other critical talent issues.

prescriptive consulting

Programmatic Consulting Services 

Data at scale for analysis, modeling, and product design through custom software exports, datasets, reports, and more to build your specific workforce strategies.

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Bite-Sized Solutions: Become an Insider

Access affordable insights and consulting through Lightcast Insider, with ad-hoc reporting, unique dashboard visualizations, and expert briefings.

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Save time. Save money. Drive real impact.

We solve problems that matter.

With Lightcast Talent Workforce Consulting:

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A large manufacturing company

was able to respond to digital transformation efforts by identifying and developing internal reskilling and advancement pathways, reducing their talent acquisition costs by up to $1.5 million. 

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A multinational retailer

quickly built an adaptable skill architecture and inventory for thousands of roles within 10 weeks, compared to the over six month timeline they anticipated with a traditional assessment or survey-based approach. 

A large software company

created a targeted recruitment strategy using normalized job titles to provide accurate diversity and inclusion benchmarks for their skilled and college graduate workforce.

Custom consulting offerings tailored to your needs:

Skills-Based Hiring

    Skills transformation and roadmapping

    Job and skill architecture

    Future-ready skills identification

    Skills gap analysis

    Skill proficiency levels

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Competitive Benchmarking

    Compensation benchmarking

    Competitor talent intelligence

    Industry benchmarking

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Talent Acquisition Strategy

    Build, Buy, Borrow optimization

    Job description optimization

    Sourcing strategy

    Talent pipeline strategy

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Geolocation Strategy

    Site selection

    Global and regional sourcing strategy

    Remote worker strategy

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Talent Development

    Career pathways & internal mobility

    Reskilling and upskilling strategy

    Turnover and retention analysis

    Internal career exploration portals

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Lightcast Insider

On-demand advisory support


    Data pulls

    Expert briefings

    Short-form reports


Meet the Lightcast Consulting Team


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Will Markow, Vice President of Applied Research

Will Markow oversees the consulting and research team at Lightcast focused on strategic workforce planning and the impact of emerging trends and technologies on the workforce. Will’s research is routinely featured in national media outlets, and he has overseen hundreds of custom consulting and research projects for Fortune 100 companies, technology vendors, training providers, workforce development organizations, and government agencies. He has also advised multiple White House administrations on key issues related to the future of work.

Rachel Sederberg, Ph.D., Senior Economist and Research Manager

Dr. Rachel Sederberg examines the labor market impact of emerging technologies such as green jobs, data privacy, automation, telemedicine, human capital management, and disruptive skills amongst others. Dr. Sederberg holds both a Master’s and Ph.D. in Applied Economics with a concentration in Labor Economics. Her research interests include understanding the experiences and impacts of those who are on the margins of the labor force, financial literacy and capability of young adults, the financial preparedness and behavior of the unemployed, mismatch unemployment, and how to better target unemployment insurance benefits.

Caroline Effinger, Senior Data Scientist and Research Manager

Caroline Effinger specializes in emerging technology and human capital management. Caroline holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and in Spanish from Amherst College and a Master’s in Data Science from Harvard University. Prior to joining Lightcast, Caroline worked as the Associate Director of Institutional Research at Deerfield Academy, where her research work was focused on identifying, recruiting, and supporting a diverse set of students from across the globe. She has also served as a Statistics Analyst at ESPN, leveraging technology and statistics to create data narratives in the context of sports.

Elizabeth Crofoot, Senior Economist

Elizabeth Crofoot has 20 years of experience assessing US and global labor market data. In prior roles, Elizabeth was Senior Economist at The Conference Board and a Supervisory Economist at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. She researches business responses to labor and talent shortages and works with global enterprises to address this challenge. She also works with companies to identify rising skills and occupations in their markets, build skills-based hiring and training plans, and help business leaders make geolocation decisions.

Brandon Crouch, Director of Consulting Operations and Product

Brandon Crouch is responsible for new product development and optimizing consulting operations. He has eight years of experience in consulting and product/program management serving higher education, public, and private sector clients. His areas of expertise include data visualization, product/program management, procurement support, IV&V, and enterprise resource planning. Brandon holds an MBA in Business Analytics and Management from Indiana University and a Bachelor’s in Economics from Utah State University. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Carlos Hilal, Senior Research Analyst

Carlos Hilal graduated with distinction from the Lebanese American University holding a Bachelor of Science in Economics. He uses a holistic combination of skills from his academic and applied economics, analytical, research, and NGO experiences to offer optimal findings and recommendations. These assist all labor market stakeholders by maximizing their interests and finding innovative solutions to their needs, while considering economic prosperity for all groups involved.

Logan Smith, Senior Research Analyst

Logan is a highly motivated professional dedicated to achieving exceptional business outcomes through data-driven approaches. With a strong background in corporate finance and dual bachelor's degrees in Finance and International Studies, he possesses four years of valuable experience supporting executive-level leadership. Logan's expertise lies in effectively collaborating with senior executives, enabling them to comprehend and address complex business challenges. Additionally, he excels in imparting knowledge and guiding leaders towards innovative solutions.

Suan Jung, Research Analyst

Suan Jung holds a dual Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Mathematics with a specialization in Statistics from Boston University. She is passionate about analyzing, visualizing, and developing statistical models with data and providing data-driven insights and solutions for clients. She has a strong analytical capability along with an understanding of human behaviors.

Xinyuan (Cissy) Chen, Research Analyst

Xinyuan (Cissy) Chen graduated from the University of Maryland in 2022 with a Master's degree and an academic background in statistics, quantitative analysis, and accounting. Cissy is passionate about data science and has strong technical skills, particularly in data analysis and data visualization. She enjoys using her skills to bring clients data-driven insights.

Maura Keith, Research Analyst

Maura Keith graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor’s degree in Data Science and a minor in Mathematics. She specializes in research, with a particular strength of pulling metrics and conducting analysis from extremely complex datasets to educate stakeholder decision-making. Maura is passionate about data engineering and loves to create digestible takeaways and insights from large sets of raw data.

Meka Mejeidu, Research Analyst

Meka Mejeidu graduated from Oglethorpe University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Studies and a minor in Business Administration. She has an academic background in research, quantitative analysis, and public policy. She is passionate about providing data-driven workforce solutions and recommendations.

Kyle Rudman, Research Analyst

Kyle Rudman graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics. Passionate about engineering data solutions, he applies his strong quantitative background and attention to detail via programming. With personal interests in design, game theory, and product development, Kyle’s work draws inspiration from many academic fields.

Will Markow
Rachel Sederberg
Caroline Effinger
Elizabeth Crofoot
Brandon Crouch
Carlos Hilal
Logan Smith
Suan Jung
Xinyuan Chen
Maura Keith
Meka Mejeidu
Kyle Rudman
We offer custom insights for questions you have about your workforce strategy.

How it works:

1. Tell us the workforce problem you are trying to solve.

2. Our workforce consultants analyze billions of data points and evaluate a custom solution.

3. We deliver comprehensive insights, data, and recommendations to help you navigate the changing world of work.

4. Translate the results to your business leaders, with our guidance. 

workforce consulting

Lightcast delivers the solutions you need. Here are some examples:

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Custom Insights and Recommendations

Receive customized reporting including detailed road maps and personalized recommendations from our experienced consultants.

Market-Optimized Role and Skill Architecture

Allow our consultants to optimize role and skill profiles for every position in your organization.

Executive Workshops with our Subject Matter Experts

Share your strategic workforce planning journey with our industry leaders.

Detailed Analyses and Dashboards

Track important metrics and draw insights related to key workforce questions.

Custom Lightcast Software Exports

Market details for talent acquisition, talent planning, competition and compensation analysis. 

Engineered Data Files

Receive extremely flexible custom data files for project analysis, dashboard creation, data API testing or product development.

Job Title and Skill Library Normalization

Link your internal business titles to external taxonomies such as SOC and O*NET, analyze career pathways, and perform skills gap analysis.

Every project is different. You need a customized solution.

What are the problems you're ready to solve?

Let's work together.

Connect with a Lightcast Talent Workforce Consulting team member and utilize data to build a personalized talent strategy. 

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