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"We’re always trying to make smarter decisions about how we handle every aspect of the business—in a competitive industry, we have to. The data-driven approach that Lightcast brought to the table was crucial in helping us achieve that goal.”

- Lloyd Trader, VP of Driver Hiring, J.B. Hunt

Every data point you need, all in one place.

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Industry Analysis

Analyze roles by industry to determine demand and common skill sets.

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Supply Trends and Projections

Search earnings, demographics, and projected employment and openings.

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Skill Insights

Dig beneath vague and unreliable job titles to find the specific skills you need. Evaluate demand for niche qualifications.

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Compensation Benchmarks

Estimate salary ranges by region, skills, and experience.

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Site and Market Location Strategy

Slice labor market data by MSA, county, city, drive time, or ZIP code.

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Demand Analysis and Competitor Benchmarking

See real-time trends on postings for in-demand positions.

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Hiring Trends and Projections

Review historical and projected employment by occupation or industry.

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College Recruiting

Track graduates by institution, program, and education level.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Benchmarking

Explore talent pools based on age, race/ethnicity, and gender for every occupation and industry, anywhere in the US.

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With Talent Analyst:

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Strategically Attract Talent

Benchmark compensation rates, align skills with job titles, and evaluate locations to source talent.

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Empower Career Growth

Foster career mobility, expand your talent pool, and promote internal growth. 

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Outpace Your Competition

Analyze competitor recruiting activity. See the top job titles, occupations, and skills that other companies demand and identify emerging hiring trends.

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Future Proof Your Workforce

Identify skills gaps and create actionable plans to address future talent needs.