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What does it give you?

The Labour Market Observatory offers you the ability to extract and analyse granular data about current and projected demand in the labour market in your region, province, or municipality. Here are just some of the questions you'll be able to get answers to for your focus labour market.

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✓ Which are your area's sector strengths?

✓ What is the job demand for each industry?

✓ Which sectors are seeing the most growth?

✓ Which skills are in-demand in each sector?

job architecture

✓ Which job roles are most prominent?

✓ What are your area's top occupations?

✓ Which jobs are growing the most?

✓ How does this impact education & training?

Skills of the Future

✓ Which skills are currently in-demand?

✓ What skills are essential for success?

✓ Which skills are growing or declining?

✓ What skills are required for specific jobs?

5 major use cases

Here are five ways our clients are using the Labour Market Observatory, each of which could be achieved by your organisation for your area:

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Understand Trends

Understand the trends that are driving employment and current employer demand in your local economy.

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Identify Strengths

Identify the industries in your area that are strongest and those with the best opportunities for growth.

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Direct Jobseekers

Direct people in your community towards available jobs and the skills needed to perform them.

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Align Education

Enable local education providers to understand business needs so they can better align their provision.

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Connect Partners

Connect employers, education providers, and local government, through a common language of data.

"Lightcast allows us to offer a detailed picture of the labour market demand in our area, which is much more reliable than the results of a survey and without the burden of compilation that a survey entails."

Andrea Fioni,

Senior Expert,

Assolombarda Research Department

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