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With people becoming more discerning about which university to attend, you need a compelling narrative why they should choose your institution. We can help you with this.
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The Challenge of Marketing Your Courses.

Giving people compelling reasons why they should enrol on your university programmes is vital to successful recruitment. Our aim is to help you do this by offering insight that shows people how your courses can lead them to the careers they aspire to, and analytics that will enable you to tailor your university marketing campaigns even more effectively.

How Can we Help?

When it comes to student recruitment, people thinking of going to university want assurance that the course they choose will lead them to a sustainable career. This presents university marketing teams with a great incentive for promoting courses and their link to potential careers. But how can you achieve this?

Through our detailed Labour Market Insight, we can map your courses to relevant careers and earnings in labour markets relevant to your institution, be they local, regional or national. This then gives you the ability to show potential students a clear route from courses to potential careers and through engaging them with this content, you can also gain valuable insights that can then feed back into your future engagement to make even sharper.

Our Solutions.


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Career Coach Portal

Used by over 400 universities and colleges across the world, the Career Coach portal links your programmes to occupations then to relevant careers insight, including salaries, job demand, openings and related careers. With a career assessment and CV builder built into the tool, your students and potential students can see quickly and clearly how your courses can help them progress to future career success. School level analytics allow you to align your schools outreach strategy to pupils’ interests.

Career Coach API

Career Coach APIs give you the opportunity to integrate our local, regional or national careers, earnings and skills insight throughout your course pages, so that it is fully incorporated into your own branding. Furthermore, because this data is linked directly to the courses you provide, it presents you with an extremely powerful way to present people with a clear and inspiring vision of how your university can help them achieve their career aspirations through enrolling at your university.

Analyst & Consulting

As well as our student-facing tools, we also offer a wealth of market intelligence through our online data tool, Analyst, which combines core LMI, Job Postings Analytics and Profile Analytics to give you instant access to key insight on jobs, skills and industries, at all geographical levels from national to local authority as well as graduate outcomes. In addition, we also offer a custom consulting experience for an niche labour market queries you may have, which includes access to HESA data.

Some of the Ways Universities Are Using Our Solutions:

Marketing and Outreach
Widening Participation
Market Intelligence

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By working with us you will have ... 

The ability to inspire people with a career vision by showing them how your courses relate to potential careers they aspire to.
A wealth of insights and analytics that will enable you to create a marketing message that really resonates.
The means of creating a compelling narrative to promote your university and differentiate it from its competitors.

Other Challenges we are Helping Universities With

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