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Driving Success

How J.B. Hunt Used Job Posting Data To Improve Retention and Efficiency

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JB Hunt Intermodal Truck

Speaking the Same Language

How Employ Prince George’s, Inc. Uses Lightcast Data to Connect with Stakeholders—and Get the Funding Residents Need

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Employ Prince Georege Career Center opening

Advanced Degrees, Professional Development, New Possibilities

The Graduate School of Princeton University uses Lightcast Data to Help Students See New Futures

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Activating Regional Skills for Industry Growth

Indy Chamber’s Skills-Based Approach to Economic Development

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people in Indy

Supercharging HR With Skills

How TalenTeam Is Helping Companies Improve Workforce Management By Embedding Skills Into Their HR Platforms

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TalenTeam case study cover

Careers, Not Courses

How Weston College uses Career Coach to Drive Student Recruitment and Improve Career Guidance

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weston college south west skills campus 2

Making Skills Count

How Simply Get Results Uses Lightcast Data to Help Global Organisations Define Their Skills Strategy

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Simply office workers

Badge of Honor

Here’s how Boston University is applying the language of skills to its PhD programs.

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bu students learning

Mapping A Way Forward

How The University of Melbourne used Lightcast Data to Help Students Guide Their Careers

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university of melbourne campus

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