Emsi and Visier Partner to Create a Unified View of the Internal and External Labor Force for Business Leaders

Published on Oct 27, 2020

Updated on Nov 3, 2022

Written by Haley Yamane Melhart

Emsi and Visier Partner to Create a Unified View of the Internal and External Labor Force for Business Leaders

Emsi, a leading provider of labor market data and analytics, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Visier, a leading provider of internal people analytics and planning software. 

This partnership brings external labor market analytics together with internal people analytics with the goal of creating more standardized and simple job classifications and insight on skills, demand, and compensation to help human resources professionals better manage a company’s most important asset – people. 

Under this partnership, Visier can immediately connect to Emsi’s vast labor market database, which will help normalize more than 10 million employee records, creating one common job hierarchy for every human resource professional. 

As part of this collaboration, Emsi is the latest partner to support a People Intelligence Alliance; announced by Visier, Alliance members pledge their support for an open and connected ecosystem of people data to support customer innovation in HR technology.  

“Organizations are facing increased pressure from investors, shareholders, employees, and the public in being more transparent about their people,” said Ryan Wong, CEO of Visier. “Companies are struggling to find a common language to address metrics like diversity and inclusion, talent acquisition, retention, and career development. Without a common means of addressing all of these issues, little progress can be made, both from a single organization and from the broader industry itself. By partnering with Emsi, our customers can now all speak the same language when it comes to job roles, a critical step in creating a single source of truth for business leaders and their organizations.”

“Our mission is to use data to drive economic prosperity for individuals. Accomplishing this requires the creation and deployment of Emsi Skills and Titles to deliver on that promise,” said Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO of Emsi. “For the longest time, we’ve known a common language for skills and titles was needed to help organizations deploy better talent attraction, retention, and mobility strategies. Our partnership with Visier uses Emsi Titles to standardize roles, making it easier for their customers to take advantage of external benchmarks and labor market data. A crucial first step in using external data to inform internal talent strategies.”   

Both Emsi and Visier acknowledge the importance of transparency through data and aim to empower businesses and people everywhere to make informed decisions. The dedication of these companies to equipping people with the best data out there is what makes this partnership such a good fit. 

About Visier:

Visier’s purpose is to help people see the truth and create a better future—now. 

Visier was founded to focus on what matters to business people: answering the right questions, even the ones a person might not know to ask. Questions that shape business strategy, provide the impetus for taking action and drive better business results.

Visier delivers fast, clear people insight by using all the available people data—regardless of source. With best-practice expertise built-in, decision-makers can confidently take action. Thanks to our amazing customers, Visier is the market leader in Workforce Analytics with 5,000 customers in 75 countries around the world. 

Visier is a global organization with headquarters in Vancouver, BC and San Diego, CA, and team members around the world.

To learn more about Visier, visit www.visier.com/.

About Emsi: 

Emsi provides the best labor market data available to professionals in higher education, economic development, workforce development, talent acquisition, and site selection. Emsi’s data, which covers more than 99% of the workforce, is compiled from a wide variety of government sources, job postings, and online profiles and résumés. 

Emsi clients use data to solve a variety of problems: align programs with regional needs, equip students with career visions, understand regional economic and workforce activity, and find and hire the right talent. 

Emsi serves clients across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Headquartered in Moscow, Idaho, in the heart of the beautiful Palouse region, Emsi also has offices around the US and in the UK.

To learn more about Emsi, visit www.economicmodeling.com/.

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