Developing Career-Aligned Programs with In-Demand Skills

Published on Feb 24, 2023

Written by Lightcast

Summary (see below for recording and slide deck):

The use of data and technology in higher education is becoming increasingly important in today's rapidly evolving economy. With new jobs and in-demand skills constantly emerging, it’s crucial for colleges and universities to stay ahead of the curve in order to provide students with the best possible education and career opportunities.

In this webinar, learn how Purdue University Global is using Lightcast data to provide students with a career-aligned education that prepares them for success in the modern job market. You’ll hear from Jennifer Lasater (Vice President, Student and Career Advancement) and Dr. Jody DeKorte (Dean and Vice President, School of General Education) as they share insight from their work at Purdue Global, including:

  • How Purdue Global (PG) used data from Lightcast’s Analyst platform to help build a new BS degree in Organizational Management

  • How PG is starting to use Skillabi, SkillsMatch, and Analyst to review the skills taught/needed in a program of study

  • How PG uses the Career Coach tool to educate students on selecting a program of study that meets their work interests and gives them insight into the labor market in their region

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