Mapping Alignment Between College and Jobs

New website from The Project on Workforce at Harvard uses Lightcast data to compare graduate and employment growth

Published on Apr 19, 2023

Written by Lightcast

The Project on Workforce at Harvard University has released a new College-to-Jobs Playbook and Map to help individuals, educators, and policy makers evaluate alignment between higher education and the labor market.

Launched today during a session hosted by Lightcast at the ASU-GSV Summit, this free resource makes it easy to explore how the supply of skilled, educated workers in a region compares to employer demand for those workers. It leverages Lightcast data and other sources to provide insight into graduation, economic mobility, and employment rates, alongside employer job posting analytics.

The College-to-Jobs Map includes a “Mismatch Score” that visualizes areas of the country where worker growth is outpacing graduate growth in relevant academic programs (or vice versa). It also features an “Explore Stories” tab that highlights specific use cases and interesting findings from the data.

Learn more about the College-to-Jobs map in this 3-minute overview:

Lightcast is proud to support The Project on Workforce in its mission to “help shape a postsecondary system of the future that creates more and better pathways to economic mobility and forges smoother transitions between education and careers.”

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