Align Your Curriculum With Local Demand

Ofsted is calling for colleges to produce "meaningful and relevant" curricula that better aligns with the needs of local employers. We can help you achieve this.

The Challenge of Curriculum Alignment

Aligning your curriculum to better reflect local job demand is essential to your mission. Yet without good knowledge of your local labour market and the ability to map your courses to occupations, how can you achieve this? Our aim is to give you the insight you need to shape a curriculum that is better aligned with local demand, without having to employ data experts.

How can we

Help You?

Through our detailed and holistic view of local employment trends and our ability to map your courses to local demand, we have helped around 50 colleges shape a curriculum that is better aligned to the needs of their local labour market - just as Ofsted have been calling for.

To find out how we can help you identify where your current curriculum is under or oversupplying your local labour market, and where there are gaps in your current offer that present opportunities to develop new courses, check out the free FE materials available for you to download or go to our Product Page.

Let's Talk

We'd love to hear about how you are currently enaging employers and whether we can help make this process more targeted. Contact us and we will:


We'll listen to the challenges you face in trying to produce a curriculum that is better aligned to job demand.


We'll talk to you about how our solutions can help you identify both misalignment and new opportunities.


We'll work with you to implement our solution which will help you move towards a truly demand-led curriculum.

Check out our 7 point customer pledge to see how we will provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of our solutions.

By working with us you will have ... 

Evidence for Ofsted that your curriculum is well aligned with local occcupations.
Assurance that you are fulfilling your mission and using public funds effectively.
Confidence that your curriculum is closing the skills gap and improving employability.

Other Challenges we are Helping Colleges Solve

We are currently working with almost 100 colleges across the country, providing solutions to the following challenges. Click on the appropriate box below to find out more.