Build a Better Local Economy

Get the insight that will help you develop a sound growth strategy and tackle the skills problems in your local economy.

Your Mission and Our Insight

Making decisions that affect your local economy is a big responsibility, which is why it's essential for your mission that you base your strategies on a thorough knowledge of what is driving your economy. Our aim is to provide you with the insight that will give you this understanding, so that you can make confident decisions based on robust evidence.

How can we Help Your Organisation?

Having worked with a variety of economic development agencies across the country, we understand many of the difficulties and frustrations involved in trying to bring growth and prosperity to a local economy.

Yet by using our insight, the LEPs, Local Authorities and City Regions we have partnered with have found that by being better informed of their region's industry strengths and opportunities, or the skills needs of local employers, the business of building a better local economy is made both easier and far more certain. Why not get in touch to see how we can help you?

How Can Our Data Help Your Organisation?

We are working with dozens of LEPs, Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce and Employability organisations across the UK, helping them achieve their mission in the following ways:

Understand your region's labour market

Our data gives you an in-depth understanding of the employment trends, industry make-up, and in-demand jobs and skills within your labour market.

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Assess priorities and opportunities

Our insights give you a highly detailed view of employer demand for jobs and skills in your area, leaving you far better placed to identify which interventions to prioritise.

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Build an evidence-based strategy

Our data gives you the tools that will enable you to take a robust, data-driven approach to building a strategy and taking decisions relating to your labour market.

Check out our 7 point customer pledge to see how we will provide ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of our solutions.

By working with us you will have...

Peace of mind from knowing that your strategic decisions and interventions are based on solid evidence.
Assurance that your plans to drive regional prosperity are not being taken on the basis of guesswork or left to chance.
Confidence that you can justify your planning decisions and interventions to your directors and stakeholders.

What Particular Challenge do You Have?

We are working with economic developers to provide solutions to a number of challenges. Click on the appropriate box below to find out more.