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While demographic shifts are producing a headwind of fewer workers, major place-based and sector-focused federal investments provide communities with huge opportunities.

Lightcast at IEDC 2023

Data & Expertise for this Moment

We've compiled our latest research and resources to help your community make the most of this historic moment. Whether it's expanding your capacity in the green economy, strengthening your role in the semiconductor supply chain, or developing your region into a Tech Hub, Lightcast has the data and expertise to help engage and attract the necessary workforce.

Rebuilding Our Semiconductor Workforce

A dramatic increase in the domestic production of semiconductors requires a dramatic increase in the number of US workers producing them. Learn where the job demand lies, and more importantly, how to meet that demand through redeploying and reskilling workers.

Semicondutors Report from Lightcast

Green Jobs Now

With sectors like the auto industry, tech, and even durable goods manufacturing making efforts to be more environmentally conscious, we’re going to need more workers with green skills.

LIghtcast & Working Nation Green Jobs Now

Talent Attraction Scorecard

Using metrics such as domestic migration, education attainment, and skilled job growth, the Talent Attraction Scorecard examines how well communities are doing at attracting, retaining, and developing the talent that local businesses need.

2022 Annual Talent Attraction Scorecard

Using Skills to Strengthen Regions

The common language of skills can bring educators, companies, and workforce/economic developers together to address the talent needs of a specific region or industry. By combining broad labor market data with more nuanced skills cluster data, we provide a snapshot of the existing strengths—and the shifting landscape—of a key regional industry and demonstrate how this data can inform local talent strategies.

Indy skyline skills collage

Crafting Local Talent

While talent may not be as abundant as in past generations, it is there. The challenge for those in economic and workforce development is to bring out the talent already in their communitiesCrafting Local Talent provides four tangible solutions to do just that and mitigate the labor shortage.

Crafting Local Talent Cover

Exclusively for IEDC Attendees

Gazelle identifies the fastest-growing and most likely to expand companies, worldwide. We've generated targeted company outreach lists in sectors seeing major public and private investment.

Lightcast semiconductor list

Want to attract semiconductor firms to your region? This handpicked list of the top 50 fastest-growing semiconductor companies is the perfect place to start!

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Lightcast clean tech list
Clean Tech

Who are the fastest-growing CleanTech companies? Discover the fastest-growing CleanTech companies helping to combat climate change by developing sustainable technologies.

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Lightcast tech list

AI is profoundly impacting our world by driving innovation and efficiency across diverse sectors. From health care to transportation, meet the 50 fastest-growing AI companies.

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Stay Informed to Make the Most of Major Investments

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EDA Tech Hub - Blog Card

EDA Tech Hubs

The data to articulate and quantify the current landscape of your region's tech talent.

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New report reveals what’s needed to capitalize on semiconductor investments

CHIPS Act—Forewarned is Forearmed

How region's can capture the promise of the CHIPS Act.

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The Growth of Green Jobs

Understanding the current state of the green economy and green jobs now will inform how employers, workers, and policymakers prepare for the future needs of the green economy.

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A Signal and a Solution

The growth of apprenticeships is further evidence of a tight labor market, one in which employers are taking talent development into their own hands.

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From Cyber to Finance, the Need to Engage Prospective Talent Grows

Using job postings, career profiles, and the skills embedded within them, we’re building custom career portals to promote all sorts of industries and careers that excite prospective talent and help close the talent gap.

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Leveraging Data to Win Grants

Senior Consultant, Ashley Peterson and Vice President of Growth & Strategy, Joel Simon, share the secrets to telling your community's story through data.

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